Hiring Management – Platform Features

Finding top talent in today’s competitive job market is anything but easy. Even the best HR teams cannot perform well without proper hiring management. Luckily, it can all be much easier with Anomadic, which provides hiring management tools on top of our job board.

Hiring Dashboard

The hiring dashboard on Anomadic allows you to see all the statistics and information, such as:

  • Open positions
  • Number of applicants
  • Applicant stats (education, age, location, etc.)

All of our hiring dashboard elements are interactive and customizable to let you see the data behind the numbers displayed. Here are some of the items you can see:

Candidate summary – graph with the current status of your applicants (interviewed, hired, declined)

Job draft – Manage jobs which you haven’t finished or posted yet.

Page visits – See how well your job ad is performing in terms of visits.

First contact – The number of candidates contacted for the first time.

Visual Pipelines

Get a visual representation of your hiring pipeline and establish where each candidate stands in the pipeline and how many candidates made it to the final rounds of the hiring process.

Candidate Profile

At a single glance, you can review all candidate information, such as education, skill set, previous work experience and anything else they’ve added. Furthermore, you can view the assessments and tests they’ve done on the Anomadic platform. This way, you get a great overview of candidates before they’re even called in for an interview.

Shareable Profile

Easily share a candidate’s profile on Anomadic with your team and coworkers in a single click, instead of sending out dozens of documents such as resume and cover letter.

Communicate with Candidates

If you want to reach out to candidate before taking them in for an interview, you can use the communication abilities of Anomadic and send them a message. The number of applicants you can contact is unlimited, as well as the number of messages you can send out.

Manage Your Time

Anomadic features a calendar within the platform, where you can schedule interviews with candidates and keep track of your hiring pipeline. Schedule as many events as you want! You can use different calendars for different positions and team members.

Mobile Friendly

Anomadic is completely optimized for mobile for both candidates and employers. This means that you can take control of your hiring process even on the go.

Take Ownership of Your Hiring

No more countless dashboard, emails, notes, interviews or calendars. Anomadic’s hiring management platform allows you to control everything from a single user interface, so you can save time and hire more efficiently.


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