Interview with Justbit

Justbit is an industry-leading IT company that fuses technological innovation, web marketing, and digital communication into all of their projects. Every day, they transform innovative ideas into concrete services and products for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, McDonald’s, P&G, Samsung, European Commission, Fiat, Kinder, and many others.

Could you please let us know more about Justbit, what do you do?

We are a Digital Factory: a concept, solutions, and projects factory, resulting from engineering experience, innovative aptitude, and talent in knowing how to intercept and interpret the new technological trends. We master all the last gen technologies and we are able to gather from wide knowledge expertise, also gained in an international setting. We support our clients to develop mobile and web solution that fits their needs.

We entwine technological skills with business management, marketing, and communication expertise: in our team, each one is a bearer of different knowledge and vertical specializations that, as in a network, are joined together in order to rise to the challenges proposed by our clients. With integrated, innovative and complete digital strategies. Our transverse point of view allows us to follow the entire lifecycle of a project: From concept to design, from development and realization to its promotion.

What is the company’s culture?

Since the beginning, we have stood out for our ability to look to the future, anticipate trends and work, several years in advance, on topics and technologies later becoming well-known on the market. We have a bottom-up approach, everybody in our team is precious to contribute to the company’s mission with his motivation and his personal skills.

What values do you share and what do you believe in?

In our company, we believe working in the IT world is fun as well as challenging. Every day there are new technologies that take hold and many new challenges on the horizon. It is essential to be proactive and motivated.

How many people are currently employed in Justbit?

We have a team of 18 people.

What is the ratio of those who work from home and those who work in offices in percentages?

We have 70% of employees who work from the office and 30% from home.

When and why did you decide to employ remote workers?

We love thinking out of the box and start contamination with other cultures and other ways to work. For us it not important where an employee works, we are focused on the quality of projects delivered, we are looking to hire new talents around the world.

What are your experiences with remote workers so far?

We work with remove workers since the beginning (about 8 years ago), even the founding members have worked and still work in this way.

Which tools do you use to communicate with remote workers?

We usually use Slack to chatting with team and Trello to coordinating tasks.

Which tools do you use to work?

We use a lot of tools for different purposes:

  • Xcode for iOS developing
  • Android Studio for Android developing
  • Atom and VSC for web developing
  • IntelliJ for backend and java developing
  • G Suite for mailing
  • etc.

How does the onboarding process work for remote teams?

We usually start sharing some projects to new members allowing them to acquire our methods and our technologies solutions.

Could you tell us something about remote management and productivity in distributed teams?

We think it’s essential to work with people all over the world to be flexible and to allow people not to waste their time in needless trips to get to the office.

How do you see the future of remote work?

We are sure that the remote work will become a standard because the world is changing and also the way of life of people through the optimization of their time and movements to the physical offices.

How do you see the future of Justbit?

Digital transformation is playing an important role in introducing changes within companies. The future of Justbit is becoming a real liquid organization, able to dynamically adapt to changes and to succeed in a complex and turbulent business context.


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