What is a subscription based recruitment?

Many will agree that having a growing business is a blessing and a curse. The bigger the business gets, the more you have to worry about a lot of tasks that you would not usually do. Once you start growing, all steps require more people. We saw that finding an ideal candidate for the job and going through the hiring process can be quite tiring and time-consuming. Recruiting process requires expertise, skills, time and administration. That is why many companies decide to outsource this specific task and just relax during the recruiting process. Since recruitment agencies are usually very expensive, many companies decide for a cheaper but also high quality option in order to find top talents, which is a subscription based recruitment.

Before defining what is a subscription based recruitment, let’s check what recruitment process usually requires. 

Recruitment process is an essential part of every business; it is a body function of the HR department. Recruitment process covers everything from identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and onboarding employees. Hiring processes and finding a perfect candidate is a step by step process, and it is not something that can be done randomly. This is a well planned process and it means that you have a clear image in your head and that you have already decided what you are looking for and what you need. Knowing this means you are one step closer to getting what you require. 

Once you realize what you want and need, you are ready for the recruitment process. First of all, this process requires a clear and updated job description which will imply desired characteristics, special qualifications and the experience needed from the candidate. Beside defining the type of person that is required for the job, job description should also have a well described role for which candidates are needed. This is something that should be communicated to recruiters. They have to know what are the company’s needs and what kind of person they want to hire. So, after writing the announcement and defining the hiring criteria, the hiring process has to be carefully planned out, this includes defining how many people should be called, which channels should be used, how will people be approached, etc. Once there is a planned process, hiring managers are ready to approach candidates and hunt the A-players.

Recruiters’ job is to identify and hire candidates who match the company best. It is their task to sell the company and convince qualified candidates that it is the best option for them. After they have attracted the best candidates, recruiters should be ready for the next step. The next step in the recruiting process is testing which means checking candidate experience and doing reference checks, whether they lied in their CVs or not. Those who pass the test successfully are invited for face to face interviews. At these interviews recruiters are having a chance to better meet top candidates and learn more about their personalities and who they are.

When these steps are done successfully we are approaching the end of the recruitment process. At the end of this long process, the hiring manager is supposed to offer the job to the best candidate. It may look like recruiters have reached the finalization of the job, but their work is still not done. At this step recruiters have to be extra careful, because hiring the wrong person can be extremely costly and it would mean redoing the entire process. But, if everything goes according to plan, the candidate receives the offer and is ready to sign a contract and proceed with onboarding.  

Recruitment is a process that takes both time and patience. It does not only imply hiring a person with the right skill, it signifies finding a person that believes in company’s culture and a person who would fit well in a team. Moreover, it does not consider only posting a job advertisement and waiting for applications to start rolling up, the job of a good recruiter is to approach potential candidates. In order to avoid wasting time and energy on the recruiting process many companies decide to hire someone to do it instead of them. Besides having an internal team who should carry on the entire recruiting process, companies often decide to hire recruiting agencies or pay one of the subscription based recruiting plans.

Recruiting agencies are very popular among big companies. Hiring a recruiting agency means that you pay in order to have the entire recruitment process done by the group of professionals. These agencies can be a bit pricey, but are good value for the money. They are very detailed when it comes to the recruitment process and they adjust their recruiting process each time, because every company has different needs and if something works for one, doesn’t mean it will work for another company. 

Beside recruitment agencies, companies have another, more affordable, solution for dealing with the recruitment process. We are talking about subscription based recruitment. Subscription based recruitment considers having recruitment as a service. It is a subscription based model which enables planned recruitment services. Subscription based recruitment works the same as other subscription models. In order to use the service you have to pay a monthly fee which will ensure you get the best service when it comes to recruiting. Based on the subscription plan you choose, you will get access to a certain number of placements per month, or per year. Subscription based recruitment allows you to tell all your hiring needs and conditions to the company you are subscribed to and not worry about the recruitment process at all.

Subscription based service is a perfect service for those who hire regularly. It considers taking care of job posting, headhunting and going through all job applications and above all it is a cheaper option than hiring recruitment agencies. With this service you don’t need to worry about interviews, screening or shortlisting, all of that is covered by the price you pay under the subscription. It is like having a fulltime recruitment team, besides the costs are much lower. According to statistics, companies spend 42 days on a recruitment process and $4 129 per hiree on average. Because of its affordability, subscription based recruitment is a great option for startups, small businesses but also any company that needs to hire people throughout the entire year. Thanks to subscription based recruitment you can lay back and relax because you do not have to worry about the stress recruiting process can produce. With this service you can manage your budget better and cash flow while still getting a high quality recruitment service. 

The conclusion is that the recruitment process isn’t something that one should save on. It will define the path your business will go in the future, so in order to get the A-level employee and not stress during the recruitment process it is the best solution to leave the selection in the professionals’ hands. So if in doubt, the subscription based recruitment should be part of your recruitment strategy.