How to Hire Remote Employees from Serbia

Today’s workforce has more choices due to technological developments of the internet and other communication systems. It puts companies in a position to search for the best employees, both locally and especially remotely. All you need today is a computer or laptop and a good internet connection. This the future that seemed almost impossible a few decades ago.

The emergence of a fast-paced online world came with the requirement for fast, intelligent solutions to keep up with modern trends, especially when it comes to employment. Even though the world has opened up, many employers still struggle to find quality remote workers. That is why Anomadic was created, a platform that serves as a job board and an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which speeds up the searching process on both ends significantly.

Remote employment has become increasingly popular, especially in Serbia. Companies from all over the world are employing talented remote workers from Serbia, from developers, designers, writers, virtual assistants and many other roles.

But why is it better to use the workforce in Serbia as remote employees? We’ll discuss a few characteristics of Serbians and how you can use Anomadic as your preferred platform to find the best Serbian talents for your remote team.

1. Why Serbia is the Best Choice in Finding Remote Employees

One would think that the chances of finding a high number of remote workers in Serbia are low in such a small population. However, when it comes to percentages, Serbia has the highest concentration of remote workers. Thus, the chances of finding a Serbian that is working remotely is much higher than in most other countries.

Just a quick recap on why most Serbians turn to remote employment and are always looking for more opportunities to work remotely:

  • There are many educated workers (Serbia has a literacy rate of 98%).
  • The employment rate is still quite low compared to other European countries.
  • Remote employment is a better alternative to fleeing the country for many Serbians.
  • Many Serbians freelance for an extra income.
  • Serbia’s lower cost of living and lower average salaries makes it a great country to outsource work to.

As companies evolve with the times and expand their teams, so does the remote hiring process. The recruitment process has become a delicate balance between finding quality remote candidates with experience and saving money as far as possible without compromising and quality work.

There are a few good reasons why Serbians are preferred candidates for remote employment:

  • Serbians excel in maths and computer sciences.
  • They make great candidates in the information technology sector and experts in software development.
  • People are known to be friendly and supportive, especially towards foreigners.
  • Once they are interested in a particular subject, they are committed.
  • Serbians are energized, analytic and inventive, and will try to find solutions to any problem.
  • Most Serbians are computer literate and can educate themselves to offer better and more valuable skills.
  • Most remote workers from Serbia have a good understanding of the English language, making it possible for them to communicate with international clients.

Thus, if you are looking for remote workers with web development and mobile experience, feel free to have a look at our platform where we have remote workers from Serbia and other countries.

2. Use the Anomadic Platform to Hire Remote Employees from Serbia

Finding the right candidates for your remote team is never easy, but with Anomadic, you get a job board that connects employers and employees in a convenient, fast hiring process.

But, before you start posting job ads on the platform, keep the following in mind if you want to hire quality remote employees:

  • Have a remote-friendly job ad that will attract the right candidates.
  • Run a skills test before the interview to divide the great talents from those that only want to take chances and waste your time.
  • Have an excellent communication system set in place, whether it’s Skype, instant messaging apps or email.
  • Have an onboarding system in place.
  • Have a video interview before making any decisions.
  • Hire candidates for a test (probation) period to see if they fit the position.

Serbians are willing to work for any global company that pays well for Serbian standards, but not necessarily as high as other European countries. You will always know where you stand with a Serbian, as they are honest and never beat around the bush when problems arise.

3. How Does Anomadic Work?

Anomadic uses a simple process that makes it easy for companies to find remote employees in Serbia. This platform already has an abundance of remote workers, including Serbian developers, designers and creatives. Thus, if your company is looking to hire developers in Serbia, for example, just follow the easy steps below.

3.1 Choose a Position and Create an Ad

Create a comprehensive job ad that allows you to screen the best remote candidates, or select one of the pre-built options, whichever you prefer.

3.2 We Find Great Applicants

You sit back and let us find applicants that fill your criteria. The candidates then view your ad and apply if they are interested.

3.3 Screening and Interviews

Now you get a chance to review all the candidates with their application, CV, portfolio, and relevant links, all from the comfort of your dashboard. You get to filter, choose, contact and interview the candidates you are interested in.

3.4 Hire the Best Candidates

When you find the best candidate that meets your criteria, all you have to do is invite them to work for you, and we take care of the rest of the process.

To find top remote workers, remote employers need to have access to carefully selected lists of verified candidates with quick and effortless processes in place. You want to work efficiently, so let Anomadic be your platform of choice.