We are coming back!

1. About us

Anomadic is a platform built to help people easily find a remote or flexible job, but also to help remote companies to find the best employees.

We believe that a dream job is much easier to find if the physical location is not an obstacle. We launched Anomadic because we wanted to popularize and change the status quo of remote/flexible employment.

At Anomadic, we eat our own dog food. This means that everyone in the company is a remote worker. Our team operates completely remotely.
We were born free and free we will work and live!

Finding a remote job or flexible job should be possible for every person on the planet at any given moment, and above all – it should be fast and easy.

2. Where we have been?

Anomadic team hasn’t been around for quite some time, but we have never stopped thinking about our users.

In this period of inactivity, we’ve been very creative and productive. A lot of brainstorming led us to new ideas and answers on how to improve our services and to set higher standards in this field.

3. What is new?

We are introducing brand new features and changes which will help both, companies and freelancers to achieve their goals.

Change log:

  • Revamped homepage for better user experience
  • Simplified job posting and job applying procedure
  • Integrated chat support
  • Redeveloped pricing packages
  • Applied numerous bug fixes

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Remote is not far away!