The Best Careers for Remote Work

The way we work is shifting. In almost every career field remote work is becoming an increasingly attractive option for both employers and their employees, and the benefits are clear to see. Employers can source talent from a global pool to find exactly the right person to do the job they need, not to mention cutting down on office overheads, both of which are extremely attractive prospects. Likewise, freelancers can find the perfect job for themselves within their field. Let’s take a look at the best potential careers to remotely work at.

Bear in mind that while some of these jobs are entry-level and can be done with nothing more than a fast internet connection and a healthy dose of self-motivation and enthusiasm, (though finding yourself a rewarding remote working career will DEFINITELY encourage both of those things – you’ll see!), some will require previous experience and possibly certification.

Look Inwards

Where do you work currently? Perhaps you are commuting to an office just to spend your day sat at a desk inputting and analysing data, administrating customer accounts or managing a database. Do you need to be there? Remote work can provide you and your company with mutual benefits. You cut out that tiring commute, leading to greater productivity and more free time to spend with your friends or family, to study, or just to enjoy life with one less stressful part of the daily grind. It might help to remind your boss that a happy worker is a better worker.

But before you think about a complete change of career path and up sticks to work remotely, check to see if it is possible in your current job. And remember, even if your current employer doesn’t want to embrace remote work, your skill set might be developed enough for you to take the leap into an exciting new remote working career.

Online Marketing

The internet is by far the most used marketing tool in today’s world. A background in marketing is often required, but if you can present yourself with an innate ability to create engaging and unique online campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or to manage subscription lists efficiently you could prove yourself an invaluable asset to any company.

Other useful attributes to possess include strong communication and client facing skills. Whilst not essential, familiarity with graphic design, web design and an eye for compelling aesthetics and language will increase your appeal. Remember, as with all of the best careers for remote work, the more strings you have to your bow make you a more appealing prospect to a client or a company.

Customer Service

Increasingly companies are outsourcing their customer service roles, and not just the traditional industries such as banking and telecommunications which require a strong customer service presence. More and more businesses are using online systems for customer services. How many websites now have a tab which offers immediate support via chat services? As with all remote careers, experience a similar field is a bonus.

But if you can prove that you have the right temperament, clear communication skills and the cheerful disposition suited to a customer facing role then that person at the other end of the chat could be you! With customer service roles it is also more likely that you will have the bonuses of working for one company.

Freelance Writing

There is an abundance of writing work out there, be it content marketing campaigns, copywriting, contributing to online blogs and ebooks, magazine work, proofreading, even ghostwriting. Again, this is a job where some experience does help, but if your writing is clear, snappy, eye-catching and versatile all you need is a bit of patience while you build a portfolio, and nerves to deal with laying the foundations – i.e., finding legitimate jobs. Once your portfolio builds and your capacity for research streamlines then you are on your way to a great career in remote work, especially for those with a passion for great writing.


Bi-lingual? Multi-lingual? Translation is one of the most sought-after and well-rewarded fields in remote working. This is because of the level of expertise needed to produce professional and effective work, and the need to be able to adapt your use of your second, third or fourth language depending on the content you are translating. You could be translating news articles, fiction, legal documents, websites… the list goes on. As translators are used for so many different purposes they tend to be freelance remote workers.

Once again, you will need language skills (obviously), probably some prior experience (especially for more complex work) and sometimes a certificate or a qualification, especially for legal documents or working with businesses in certain industries. A little research is required to check the sort of work you can expect to find without qualifications. Again, some patience is required as you build your portfolio of clients and jobs, but once you do this, translation can become one of the best remote working career paths out there!


This is a catch-all term for a large field of remote work for the tech-savvy. Jobs range from the front and back-end coding to app development, web design, system administration, testing and many more career paths. Even if you don’t have a degree in Computer Science or Web Development, the internet is full of how-to guides to get you started and build your skill set. Becoming a developer is an especially popular career for remote work, for two main reasons: Technology and its rapid development is defining how we work, and how we will work in the future.

Therefore its no surprise it goes hand in hand with a remote working career path. It also pays well and is suited to those who like to move around a lot, as many jobs are self-paced and are light on client facing aspects. As with many remote working careers, it requires a large dose of self-learning, motivation, and eagerness. But this goes hand in hand with the entire ethos of remote working!


Another career path which is becoming more suited to remote working, given the advances in technology available in every corner of the globe. There are many agencies which cater for teachers who want to escape the classroom and work online. Skype and other video chat platforms are becoming increasingly popular ways to teach. In terms of language teaching, this is especially good for those who are native speakers of English, but many other subjects are now being taught remotely.

No matter what your subject is, the chances are that there are resources online to help you make that transition from traditional classroom lessons to working remotely. Again, you may need a little time and patience to find the right agency for you, but once you do, and your reputation grows, you will find students flocking to your lessons.

Video and Film Work

OK, so this is one that definitely does require some level of experience (or a willingness and ability to learn very fast on the job). But as companies seek new and current ways to brand and market themselves they increasingly rely on fresh content, deliverable immediately to a large audience. Video is now an omnipresence in today’s marketing landscape. Many companies use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo et al to quickly reach and engage their target audiences. If you can set yourself up as a promotional video producer, or as a link in the production chain such as an editor or graphics specialist then you’re on your way to a really exciting remote working career!

Social Media Management

Almost every company today has a presence on social media – after all, the ubiquity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and countless other platforms make it an invaluable marketing tool. It is also highly versatile and promotes quick and effective communication between companies and their customers. However, with so much content appearing in such rapid succession on social media platforms, many companies now outsource the management of their accounts to remote workers.

It is a relatively new job but a quick search will throw up countless opportunities for those eager to begin remote work in a new field which is seeing rapid growth. Again, client facing experience will help you here, as you may find yourself the first point of contact for customers.  

What are You Waiting For?

These are just a few examples of remote working career paths. Whatever field of work you’re in there is probably some aspect of it which can be done from a remote location. Future business models are set to rely more and more on outsourced work, or remote work done by their employees. Now’s the time to take a step towards the future!