Would our World End if Remote Marketing Jobs Disappeared?

The world of marketing as we know it today is ending, that’s for sure. Marketing and the approach we take to it, the way we work within and the results we can get from it are all seeing dramatic changes. Remote marketing jobs are on the rise, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at why, and what benefits there are to be had by outsourcing marketing work, or by putting yourself out there as a remote worker.

Evolutionary Marketing

Marketing is an industry that has to evolve and keep pace with product evolution. If you trace back just one decade and look at the changes that we’ve gone through, from direct marketing to digital marketing, to campaigns across social media platforms – themselves constantly evolving – marketing is one of the rapidly changing ways of developing reach to new customer bases, identifying consumer needs and establishing dialogue with users of products and apps.

So what’s the next logical step for the evolution of marketing? The answer is simple: A remote workforce.

We’re going to look at some ways that remote marketing jobs can enhance the productivity of your marketing team, inspire the way you market your product in unexpected ways, and open up new channels of communication with your current customer base, as well as increasing your reach into new customer territory. It might even inspire a new product! So no, the world might not be ending, but a new world of marketing and strategy is opening up as more and more companies turn to remote digital marketing.

Remote Marketing Worldwide, Around the Clock

Let’s look at how the effective use of workers from such far-flung places as Paris, New York and Hong Kong can bolster your marketing campaign with astonishingly quick results. Imagine yourself as a marketing director, finishing your last project call one early evening from your home office in London. You’ve been brainstorming with a team member in Montreal about a new development for the app you’re working on, and how best to market that to your user base.

After that, you switch off, head out to catch a show with some friends, or to meet up with your family for a meal before heading home to bed. All the while the cogs of your remote marketing machine are turning.

You wake up to find messages on Slack from data analysts in Hong Kong with some fresh ideas and insights, furthering those same ideas from yesterday evening’s brainstorm. Over morning coffee you’re on the phone with your performance marketing manager in Paris, and by the time you sit down at your desk you can remotely work with your product manager in Copenhagen about testing and a potential launch.

By the time your team members in New York are up and running you can begin to implement and run those tests, and by early afternoon you have a campaign that is just about ready to launch.

In other words, by using remote marketing jobs in Europe, Asia, New York City, Canada and the UK, (of course these are just examples of where the talent you need can be found) your team is ready to research, test and execute a campaign which in days gone by could have taken up to a week. Or if you did have to launch such a campaign overnight you’d be chained to your desk, exhausted and overworked.

Remote Marketing as Solution

All this was made possible by finding and assembling a great team around the globe to work remotely at their online marketing jobs. This example demonstrates that the use of a remote workforce is the new frontier for internet marketing, and companies who embrace this new golden age of remote marketing strategy can harness a potential benefit to their business which is fast moving, flexible and fluid.

All this leads to a high degree of successful and efficient product roll-out, without sacrificing the excellence which you strive for with every project. Of course this is just an example of how remote marketing jobs can help your business to get quick and amazing results.

Hiring: Benefits, Concerns, Reassurance

Round the clock examples as above might not be the norm, and such quick turnaround might not fit your company’s style of working or brand image.  

But by using remote marketing freelancers you open yourself up to a global pool of talented individuals. And while it is a common concern of any employer to have people working remotely, you should rest assured that if an online marketer has made the effort to reach out and find you, they are highly motivated, ambitious workers.

In fact, most remote workers see the “remote” part of their job as a reason to put that extra mile in for you. If they are a marketing freelancer they will be eager to get you great results quickly, so that the next time a product campaign comes up they are the first name in your phone book, if you still have one (if not, they will be the first name you search for on your smartphone).  


Sure, working remotely is a perk, removing the daily commute and the hassle inherent with location / office based work. But the best remote workers will see that perk as a reason to put more passion and energy into their job.

Of course, working remotely is a perk, but as a remote worker myself, I must say it is not one that I take for granted. There is also the added advantage in that remote workers can work during their hours of peak productivity rather than having to adhere to the nine-to-five slog that office work insists upon.

Team Building

You may think that remote working might extinguish team based culture with such physical distance between team members. Firstly, there now exists a plethora of tools such as Slack, Hangouts and Trello which are designed specifically for remote working jobs.

These encourage team work, and also mean that everything is documented and traceable. That way your team can be on the same page, all the time, whether they are in the same physical location or not. Also, succinct communication using such tools means a clearer, less cluttered and more effective workflow for everyone on board.

So when hiring, consider remote working options as a way to avoid having to train your workers, and a way to cherry-pick workers who are tailor made for your requirements. So, no lengthy process to get your workers up to speed, and no limit to the pool of people you can potentially work with and who can work together effectively. It seems pretty clear which of these options supports a business strategy based on a fast moving industry such as online marketing.

Different Perspectives

So, you’ve found remote marketing workers all across the globe? What else can they offer you? Someone who lives in New Delhi, Budapest, Berlin or Tokyo will know exactly what the market in that region requires. This cuts out a huge stage of market research.

Offering differing perspectives is crucial in building your business globally, and the knowledge remote workers can bring to you from their experiences on the ground and in their day to day lives can be invaluable in this process. They know what makes people tick in their region, and really, making people tick is the at the heart of a successful marketing campaign in any product field or region.

Hiring a social media marketing specialist in a remote location is another great way to stay in touch with your customer base, and to keep communication clear and relevant to those customer’s everyday lives, and by extension, product needs. More often than not customers will turn to Twitter or Facebook to directly contact a company, and having someone who can relate to them more personally can only be a positive thing for your business.

Location, Location, Location

With video becoming a ubiquitous tool on the marketing landscape, it is worth considering why outsourcing remote marketing jobs to different locations might have benefits in this field.

With more and more expert video producers turning to remote working you find yourself with a seemingly bottomless well of creative talent out there, not only with the equipment, know how and talent to turn out superb, professional marketing content for your website or social media presence, but an exotic backdrop in which to film it in.

The twinkling cityscape of Shanghai or the wilds of the Brazilian jungle as a backdrop to a marketing video can only add a more compelling element to your video campaign, especially to a potential customer sitting in his or her office on a drizzly morning in London.


Ok, so no need to panic The world isn’t going to end, at least not just yet. And it might be time to embrace and get involved with the growing new world of remote marketing work, to see what kind of positive impact it can have on your business. Or, it might be time for you to look at your current office job and skill set, and wonder if perhaps a leap into remote working is for you.