Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know about Remote Working Jobs

Remote work is the future. You heard it here, but we’re not the only one propagating working remotely as the new way to get work done. Indeed, there are countless benefits, as well as some cons to working remotely. But what do actual remote workers say?

Here are some things about remote working that very few people speak about. After three years of remote work, here are my main findings and conclusions for anyone looking to switch to the remote lifestyle, including positive and negative experiences.

Remote Workers are Happier

You may be sitting in your office right now, wondering if a remote job is really going to change your life for the better, or if at all. I have some great news.

In general, remote workers are happier compared to their in-office counterparts. According to research published on Forbes, remote workers are 87% more likely to say they love their jobs compared to those working from an office.

What gives? It’s easy to see the reason behind this fact. Remote workers have better work/life balance, more time for themselves and their family and spend no time on commute.

While there are people who don’t fit into the remote lifestyle, the majority of working population are happier when working from home instead of an office.

You’ll Work with Amazing People All Over the World

Before I started working remotely, I was doing some tedious administrative work at a local university. I imagined that the rest of my work life would be meeting people similar to those I saw every day.

Boy, was I wrong.

As soon as I got my first job, I started working with a real estate agent from Pennsylvania. My next employer was a digital marketer from the USA, then a startup CEO from Estonia. I worked for developers, designers, marketers and CEOs from 5 different continents.

Just like employers aren’t limited to their local talent, you too can work for people all over the world. By working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, you will be able to learn more than office workers from any part of the world. To me, the mere thought of no borders for doing my work sounds delightful.

You’ll Save Money

When talking about the benefits of remote working, most articles online will tell you that employers can save huge amounts of money by not renting offices and paying utilities.

There’s a flip side too – remote workers save a lot, as well. In this excellent article, there’s an example of a worker from the USA who managed to save more than $2,000 annually by working remotely. Some of the things you can save up on include:

  • Commute costs (bus, train tickets, taxi drives)
  • Meals
  • Coffee
  • Parking
  • Etc.

There is a whole range of expenses that come up when you commute to the office every day. This way, not only you’ll be happier, but you’ll also have more money to spend at the end of each month. So far, so good!

You’ll be More Productive

One of the biggest reasons why today’s employers are afraid of working remotely is the lack of trust in their workforce. They don’t believe that their workers will do the job they have to do without proper oversight, which is a legitimate concern.

However, in practice, it turns out that there is no ground for it. As remote workers can structure work according to their own schedules, they are actually more productive than their office counterparts.

Instead of being forced to do their best work at 9AM on a Monday morning, remote workers can focus and nail down their best performance at a time when they function the best.

As for the bad…

You’ll Be Alone, a Lot

If you’re an extrovert and more of a social being, let’s say that remote work will be difficult. Not impossible, mind you – if you’re used to chatting with your coworkers in the office as you gulp down your first cup of mocha in the morning, you’ll find remote work quite lonely.

As someone who’s worked remotely for the best part of the last 3 years, there’s one thing that bothered me – I spent most of the time all on my own.

Sure, there are modern communication tools at your disposal – Skype, Slack, Zoom, various messaging apps, but for the most part, you’ll be sitting in your room or home office on your own.

While some people may find this amazing, others simply need human interaction and will find it hard to function without communicating to another human being.

As an alternative, you can always hop down to your local cafe or coworking space every time you want some company, but the people around you won’t be your coworkers – or maybe not even willing to chat.


Finding Remote Work Won’t Be So Easy

For the most part, today’s employers are catching up with trends in the workforce and hiring remote workers. Even companies previously reluctant to allow remote workers on their payroll are realizing the benefits of hiring talent globally.

However, they’re still a minority in a pool of companies that let companies work only from their offices. And when you do have companies hiring remotely, it’s hard to discern if they’re a legitimate company and not a scam.

Unfortunately, finding remote work opportunities is not easy and will take some dedicated time spent on research and sending out numerous applications.

At Anomadic, we realized that there was a gap that needs to be bridged, so we set out to establish the world’s best remote job board. At Anomadic, workers can find legitimate remote and flexible jobs, while employers can find high quality candidates who wish to work remotely.


Give it a go and find your next remote job today!

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