9 Tools to Help You Become a Better Work from Home Mom

You’ve just had a baby, or perhaps you want to spend more time with your little ones. Whatever the case, you decided to become a work from home mom and spend more time with your kids. If you have the skills to find a remote job, there’s only one thing left – learning the proper tools which are essential to working remotely.

Here are the most crucial tools for all work at home moms to become successful in their remote working roles.


Communication is at the core of each remote job. Since you’re not able to see your coworkers in person, you need to communicate with them in writing. While the team communication app market is quite large, there’s one giant dominating the team chat app field – Slack.

Why is Slack so great? First and foremost, so many remote teams are using it that it’s now become as essential as knowing how to use Word or Powerpoint. No matter the industry, teams all over the globe use Slack for their communication efforts.

On top of being useful as a way to get hired, Slack for work at home moms has another advantage. It has such a wide range of integrations that it makes working effortless. Whether it’s Zapier, Gmail, Trello, scheduling and social media apps, Slack has an integration for everything.


Work from home moms need to work in the cloud and have their data accessible to them at all times. While it’s great to have backups of your data on your PC and hard drive, you need to be able to access it from whenever, and Dropbox is exactly the tool for that. It’s one of the most trusted cloud storage solutions and you get plenty of space with their free plan.


If you’re a mom who works a freelance job, you’re probably struggling with time management. After all, you can start on a task and all of a sudden, you have to take care of the little ones and your progress is off track. This is where tools like Toggl come into place.

Toggl allows you to track your time for all the tasks that you’re doing, work-related or not. By tracking where your time actually goes, you’ll be able to become much more productive and get more work done in less time. The free version is excellent, but there are a few perks with the paid one. Also make sure to try the mobile app as it syncs automatically with the desktop one.


Besides writing, there’s another key communication method for remote workers – video calls. If you’ve given Skype a try, you’re probably well aware that it has its limitations for business use. It’s a chat app and a video call app, but it’s not meant as a heavy-duty business tool.

Zoom comes in to fill the void, allowing seamless video communication for individuals and teams. Their free plan works great – with the only limitation being the call length. Just make sure the kids don’t walk around as you’re making calls.


I’ll be honest, I’m biased here as I’ve used Trello for a number of years, but it’s the best project management and communication tool for aspiring remote workers. Trello allows you to easily manage your tasks and projects using a kanban board and a very simple, intuitive interface. If you’re not sold on Trello, there are plenty of alternatives to go around, such as Asana, Monday, Basecamp and many others.


What’s the best way to save time and get more work done? It’s simple – automation. Zapier is one of the coolest apps out there, which lets you automate workflows and save massive amounts of times with just a few clicks per day. For example, one of the ways I’ve used it is to add all new email subscribers to a new Google Sheets file, complete with data filled out in rows. Zapier is also one of the pioneers of the remote work culture, and their website and blog are a treasure trove, much like their product.


When you’re a work at home mom that collaborates with team members across the globe, sometimes it’s not so easy to find the ideal time to schedule a meeting. Given that your colleagues can work in several different time zones, finding a time slot that works for everyone can be quite a chore. This is what WorldTimeBuddy does and it’s an excellent, easy to use tool. The downside – you’ll have to fork out a nice sum for the paid version if you want full functionality.


Remembering all of your accounts and their passwords can be quite a hassle. Especially if you’re a work at home mom running her own business, there’s an added element of security – you don’t want your workers knowing and sharing your account passwords. This is where LastPass comes in, as it allows you to easily store and manage countless accounts and passwords using one login. It’s the ideal tool if you have people who handle social media on your behalf, where sharing account data is crucial.


Become a Work from Home Mom and Start Working Remotely

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