Most Popular Remote IT Jobs

The world of remote jobs has opened up opportunities for everyone around the globe to get a great opportunity to work from the comfort of their home. While there are non-IT jobs that can be performed remotely, IT is by far the predominant element in the remote workforce.

Here are some of the most common remote IT jobs, as well as what you most definitely need to know about each one.


If you ask an average employer about their most in-demand position at the moment, most will tell you they need more programmers. Indeed, developers of all skill sets are the most demanded remote workers globally.

Given how there is a huge demand and very little supply, employers are forced to look for developers left and right. This means that even companies that don’t allow remote working traditionally are willing to accept it in order to lure the best talent to work for them.

It gets even more complicated in countries where there simply isn’t enough IT workforce. For example, Estonia has one of the highest number of startups per capita, but with just about 3 million inhabitants, they’re forced to look for developers outside of the country. Enter – remote working.


As long as there are developers, there will be QAs. Once the developer’s work is done, someone has to test out an app/website and all its features, ensuring that it works properly before it’s released to the public. That’s what a quality assurance analyst does.

Whether it’s manual or automated testing, a QA tests out all features and writes down any errors they find. Seeing how it’s closely related to a developer’s job, it’s just as easily done while working remotely and there’s a great number of remote QA positions out there.


One of the most important positions out there for companies of all sizes, a system administrator manages configuration, upkeep and maintenance of computer systems, e.g. servers. A sysadmin has a range of duties, from maintaining computer components to checking security policies. While this job used to be office only, lately there are more and more companies allowing remote options for working.

Account Manager

No matter the type of business a company runs, ultimately, they need to handle clients. And while customer service has done a great job at this in the previous decades, a new role was created, especially suited to remote work.

Account managers build relationships with new clients and nurture those with old clients. They’re responsible for handling client accounts and ensuring a steady revenue. They have quotas and targets similar to sales teams, but unlike sales, they have much more management to do.

Depending on the industry you specialize in, account manager remote roles are quite sought after. If you’re skilled in a demanding niche such as SaaS, you could earn a nice paycheck in a remote account manager role.

Business Development Manager

At every company, there’s a person that moves mountains and ensures that at the beginning of each month, there’s enough work to pay the bills and salaries. In modern businesses, this is what business development managers do.

People in these positions seek out new opportunities and clients for their companies. They look for potential customers, pitch their offers and close them, look for partners… Seeing how the majority of this work can be done using a laptop and a phone, it’s quite common to see business development managers working remotely.

Web / Graphic Designer

There’s one thing that the web can never get enough of, and that’s design. No matter if it’s a logo, social media cover page, illustration, landing page or whole websites, designers are always in demand, and quite a lot of them work remotely.

Similar to writing, the competition can be very tough, especially if you’re a beginner setting out into this world with no portfolio. If you want to land a remote design position, make sure to have plenty of experience, a decent portfolio and the patience to go digging for new clients.

Customer Support

One of the first roles that ever moved out of the office into the remote world is that of a customer support agent. Businesses from all industries need a way to nurture client relationships and answer ongoing questions on a daily basis, which is where customer support comes into place.

Finding a remote customer support job shouldn’t be too difficult, as there are quite a lot of these positions with jobs done remotely. For maximum efficiency in your job hunt, arm yourself with excellent English, top-of-the-line people skills, a fast internet connection and a high-quality headset.

Virtual Assistant

Up until a couple of years ago, landing a remote IT job was nearly impossible without very specific, highly technical skills. Then virtual assistants became a thing, and the barrier for entry was lowered so that even non-technical roles get a shot at working remotely.

A virtual assistant can do everything from booking appointments to entering data in spreadsheets, making calls, writing and scheduling social media posts – the list is endless. There is a high demand for virtual assistants with various specializations, and the pay can get up to $20-30 per hour if you have great skills and a solid track record.


While these are not all of the most popular remote jobs, they’re the best places to start to find a fruitful remote opportunity and kickstart your remote career. To find great remote jobs with reputable employers, feel free to browse the Anomadic job board.