The 6 Key Skills of an HR Manager

The world of HR is becoming increasingly digitized. It seems that there is an app out there for everything, and you may be left wondering whether human resource management skills even matter anymore. Here are some key skills of an HR manager are here to stay and don’t depend on high-tech.


This is a great skill to have in general, but it’s crucial for your role as an HR manager. In order to do your work well, you need to empathize with your candidates and show genuine care for their well-being.


When you’re applying for a job, do you trust your potential employer with the information you’re sending in? Most likely yes, as you’re relying on their discretion, one more in the set of key skills of an HR manager. You are obliged by the law to keep the information you learn to yourself and share it only with certain people and in certain situations.

Ethics and Fairness

Many people think of HR as the conscience of the company. The HR manager is there to balance between the company and the employees, ensuring that both sides are happy and get what they want. Sometimes it’s standing up for the rights of the workers, sometimes it’s implementing a new and unpopular policy in the name of management. Whatever may be the case, it is up to you to decide what is fair and what is not and which side you should take.


There’s a range of tasks you have to perform on a daily basis as an HR manager. These can include implementing new policies, finding new hires, solving problems between employees and many, many more. A good HR manager will know how to quickly juggle these tasks around and perform several at the same time with ease.


Although leading is not essentially a role for someone in HR, it’s one of the most important human resource management skills there is. There will be many instances where employees will look to you for help, whether it’s something as simple as putting together a company football team or something as complex as solving an issue with the management.


Much more than a person who just finds new employees, an HR manager serves as a bridge between employers and employees. In order to perform well in this function, you need excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. Besides being able to clearly communicate between two sides, you will also need to know how to negotiate in cases where there’s conflict.

Even though the world of HR is increasingly changing, human skills are as important as ever. HR professionals of today should not think of software in terms of competition. Instead, software like Anomadic should be considered a tool that will help HR managers make better decisions and save precious time.

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