Employment Trends in Europe for 2019

The labor market is on a constant roller coaster with a number of emerging industry trends bringing an entirely new set of business demands, behaviors and expectations. The employment rates everyone’s concerned with are actively varying, not only between the fields of employees’ interests but also depending on the countries, regions, and urbanization. It goes without saying that the overall economic performance, as well as the industrial structure, actually depends on the labor trends and the employee interest in participating the trend development. With these factors in mind, it is not surprising to learn that the employment rates, i.e. stability in the markets is actively varying almost along with the emerging trends.

Various observations of the previous market dynamics have been made in order to find the common ground of the ongoing trends and make predictions that will stick. With that in mind, here is a list of predictions concerning employment trends in Europe that’s believed to have credibility (at least for now).

Senior Managers will be Needed to Help Companies Storm Periods of Transformations

Industries across job markets will need full-time senior managers that will have the experience, mental capacity, and solid logic to help businesses storm out the changes and navigate new paths. Industries that are predicted to need this kind of hands-on senior management include media, information, and entertainment.

More Specialized Sales People will also Be Needed

With the ever-growing technological advancements, the face of sales is going to change in a sense that more specialized sales people will be expected to take the lead. They’ll need to have the education and strong persuasive powers to explain to a wide range of consumers, including independent businesses and clients, governments and corporations what’s changing, why and how to make money out of it.

For instance, as mobile advertising is getting huge and content is being progressively more consumed on mobile, a digital agency will want to hire salespeople who are educated on the pros and cons of mobile advertising.

Human Resources Experts will have a Lot on Their Plate

Organizational development specialists and HR experts will have more work in the upcoming years than they have ever had. Apart from applying their skills to filtering and hiring candidates in the last stages of their selection processes, they will also be needed to help reskill workers. With the advancing technological changes, some jobs are predicted to disappear completely and people will need to learn how to do new ones.

Socioeconomic changes will too have an impact and one of the ways companies are expected to deal with the change is train current employees with new skill sets. As reskilling the employees will take a lot of HR specialists’ time, some analysis report that most of the hiring will be done by trusted software programs such as Anomadic that will help filter through the best candidates, select those with the needed skill set and contact them for interviews. After being software-selected, the candidates will have the chance to sit down with their HRs and talk business. A modernized approach to HR is definitely on the horizon.

Product Designers and Creatives will Be the Hype

In 2018 and beyond, it is expected that most of the monotonous jobs will be automated but that creative jobs will still need a human. On that note, designers and creatives will be the hype, specifically those specializing in commercial and industrial design. Writers and copywriters are expected to flourish along with other creatives, and contribute to the further development of the digital sphere.

Remote Working has the Potential to Become Prioritized

While 2019 is expected to bring a broader consciousness concerning the employees’ mental, financial and wellness at their offices, it is expected that remote working will also become favored by a number of small and big businesses.

On one hand, we are expecting to witness current office cultures transform into more tolerant, friendly and relaxed spaces focusing on employees’ satisfaction with their treatment at work and overall working environment and on the other – we are looking forward to firms becoming more open to the option of remote working both full-time and part-time.

As a result of the never-ending pressure they are under while at the office, the fact a number of employees has complained to their HRs about feelings of anxiety, depression, ADHD and a number of other mental health issues doesn’t really come as a surprise. For that, the option of remote working is becoming more and more attractive to the business owners as it’s allowing people to work at their own pace and feel great while at the same time delivering great results.

What’s been happening in the U.S. for a while in terms of employment trends seems to only be coming to Europe in 2018 but there’s no doubt the best trends will take in no time. We’re looking forward to experiencing the change.