How Can Collaborative Hiring and ATS Help Your Company

The business world these days is rolling at a much quicker pace and both HR experts and candidates are demanding efficiency, fairness, and quick processing.

With a change in the business dynamics, hiring methods had to change as well, placing emphasis on both candidates and companies’ happiness and fast applicant filtering. Some of the most forward-thinking companies are including a variety of new and fresh recruitment models, two of which have proven to stand out the most: collaborative hiring and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) hiring.

In a world that relies on instant-communication, quick feedback and exceptionally professional and emotion-free filtering models, these two processing forms have grown to be one of the best and most reliable options available on the market.

What’s Collaborative Hiring?

Collaborative hiring is an employee inclusive hiring approach that relies on collective impression rather than one individual’s opinion; in essence, employees from various business arenas gather, participate and give input on the selected candidates.

Also known as ‘team-based hiring’, collaborative hiring supports the idea of a group decision with the goal of joining a range of different hiring perspectives, expectations, hiring parameters and expected candidate potentials into one decision.

How Can My Company Benefit from Collaborative Hiring?

So far, collaborative hiring has been known to contribute to positive impacts within the company, higher employee engagement, lower turnover, and an overall healthier team atmosphere. With such a hiring method, recruiters are encouraged to keep bias in check, exercise tolerance towards other people’s opinions and bring more diversity to the team.

Added, apart from an improved cultural fit within a single company, collaborative hiring offers plenty of opportunities to find more qualified candidates. In openly discussing and sharing information about candidates, companies get to get a bigger picture of the applicants and the risk of error decreases.

OK, but Where is ATS in All This?

In the world of modern business hiring, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are known to be gradually becoming the number one tools for recruiters to rely on. When it comes to collaborative hiring, there are a lot of ATSs that come with features supporting and encourage it.

Anomadic’s collaborative hiring is optimized for both smaller and larger companies as we provide unlimited ‘seat’ access, spanning across multiple hiring teams. Your team has the opportunity to pre-screen resumes, leave notes on candidates and rate them, all from your hiring dashboard.

Such hiring dynamics sure are helping eliminate the stress of trying to remember which candidate had the right qualifications and search your inbox for comments, especially if you have an overwhelming number of applications to sort through!

It’s becoming obvious that one of the most efficient ways to communicate during the hiring process is to add team members to your account and share opinions right there on the spot.

What Would You Single Out as Top Benefits of Collaborative Hiring?

In today’s world, we feel collaborative hiring is a must; that being said, we’re singling its few top benefits you’ll want to check out:

Multiple Points of View

Collaborative recruitment is allowing inclusion of various recruiting perspectives, candidate filtering, desired candidate expectations, and discussions on potential problems in the future. In discussing their potential candidates in a group, recruiters are reducing the risk of poor recruitment in the long run.

Increased Team Tolerance and Respect

Every company culture should be based on mutual respect, tolerance, and inclusion; one of the best ways to show that these traits are your company’s culture basis is to put them into action.

In choosing candidates, having multiple opinions laid out and considered increases the subliminal idea of respectful relationships within the company, valuing each other’s opinions and trusting each other with the necessary decision-making. In the long run, this increases the company’s morale and overall interpersonal relationships.

The Pressure is Divided… Sort Of

Burdening just one recruiter/HR expert with such a high demand task like finding the right person for a very important job within a company may be extremely stressful on the person.

However, when several team members are involved in both recruiting and decision making, the pressure is split among these professionals who not only know what they are doing but are open to sharing their opinions among each other.

Active Technology Improvement

Encouraging your company members to actively grow and evolve by implementing new techniques is paramount. In cheering them to accept collaborative hiring as a new hiring method together with a trusted ATS, you are helping them evolve past the mundane and traditional.

Although it might take some time for them to adjust, Anomadic has very easy operative structures and communication and collaboration tools that will help the employees hop in the software hiring saddle quickly.

Candidate Training is Faster and Smoother

Having multiple field-experts in your hiring team extends not only to their input of choosing the right person for the job but to offering training in their expert-field as well.

Collaborative engagement means having multiple experts joint in a mission to provide the candidate with the best skill set, one that will help them become and further evolve into the best professional possible. With that, candidate’s learning times are reduced and the success rates increased.


To learn more about other features of Anomadic, visit Anomadic Platform page where you can get more information about our recruitment software and its collaborative hiring!