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Required experience: Middlenior experience
Minimal education: Bachelor degree
Employment type: Full time
Role: Front End Developer
Category: IT Jobs

Job description

Are you an experienced React engineer looking for an opportunity to "move fast and fix things" at a high-growth startup? Does the challenge of building platforms and abstractions for the on-demand "skills economy" excite you? Wyndy is looking for talented JavaScript engineers to help us build and scale multiple marketplace platforms and products - including our original mobile app, Wyndy, and our new Eve marketplace platform, which is currently powering the Alysyn brand. This is no small undertaking, and you'll need to be up to the challenge of creating interfaces and abstractions that power brand-agnostic, multi-tenant architectures across the web and mobile while interfacing with a variety of third-party systems and APIs.

About us:

Wyndy began as a mobile app that makes it simple for parents to find, book, and pay vetted, background-checked college babysitters. We're now in over 20 markets and looking to go deeper in our existing markets and expand to more markets across the U.S. But we've always known that our technology and approach could serve a variety of industries. We've now expanded our product line to include Alysyn, an on-demand marketplace connecting dental practices to dental professionals for short-term work. We're looking for team members to help us scale Wyndy and Alysyn as well as identify additional opportunities in the "skills economy".

Who you are:

  • Experienced - You have at least 5 years of software engineering experience, with at least 3 years of React experience.
  • User-focused - As a front-end engineer, your work is front and center in our customers mind and is the first touch point for many of them. While you may or may not be a designer, you've got a sharp eye for design and, in particular, for understanding how to build intuitive, accessible experiences.
  • Collaborative - You'll need to be comfortable working with team members from all facets of the business - from engineering and product to marketing and customer success - to continuously deliver value.
  • Agile - We're big believers in the principles laid out in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and use Scrum as a framework for delivering consistent, iterative results.
  • Platform-minded - you can approach problems with a "platform mindset" and are comfortable working with concepts such as white-labelling, multi-tenancy, feature flagging, and multi-sided marketplaces.
  • Quality-oriented - You have a strong understanding of and experience applying a variety of software design patterns to write organized, dynamic code that clearly communicates intent to other collaborators.
  • Iterative - You understand that your first effort is not always your best effort. You regularly revisit features, bugfixes, technical debt, and performance bottlenecks to find opportunities to optimize and improve the platform.
  • Communicative - As a remote-first organization, we believe that communication is of utmost importance to our success. Whether writing a bug report or presenting a new feature, you should be able to communicate your ideas in a clear, concise fashion.

What you'll do:

  • Reporting to the Head of Engineering, you'll be responsible for delivering features, bugfixes, and improvements across the platform stack.
  • Collaborate - You'll collaborate with team members to help identify, research, and prioritize areas of improvement across the platform.
  • Commit - After working with the team to establish priorities, you'll commit to the work to be done and hold yourself accountable to those commitments.
  • Deliver - You'll regularly ship value by way of features, bugfixes, and other improvments; share your results with the team; and surface any blockers and/or wins along the way.
  • Understand - As you deliver value, you'll seek feedback from team members in a variety of methods including code review, automated and manual QA, and sprint reviews to name a few.
  • Assess - Using feedback from the team and our customers, you'll help to assess ways to improve our products as well as our processes moving forward.

Tools we use:

While we've relied on quite a few frameworks, libraries, and APIs to get ourselves to this point, we're always exploring new ideas, strategies, and patterns to improve. That being said, we're looking for someone that is excited and capable to "hit the ground running" with our current stack:

React - We use React for much of our web front-end, as well as React Native for mobile. You should have a strong understanding of React concepts and be be able to build out intuitive user interfaces with it. Furthermore, you should be comfortable with advanced concepts such as custom hooks, routing, and portals.

GraphQL - While REST is great we believe GraphQL is the future of web APIs and have adopted it across our stack. You'll need to be comfortable developing and working with complex schemas, as well as utilizing tools such as Apollo to handle concerns such as pagination, caching, and refetching data.

Webpack - We tend to favor a "component-driven" approach to front-end development over the single page approach popularized in recent years. As such, you'll need to be comfortable working with advanced webpack configuration to keep builds small while working with a library of custom, home-grown components.

Ruby on Rails - You'll need to be incredibly comfortable working with complex Ruby on Rails codebases.

Stripe - We've processed millions of dollars in transactions on our platforms - you'll need to be experienced working with how to securely implement payment processing APIs and keep customer data safe.

Perks & benefits:

  • Competitive salary + stock options
  • Comprehensive benefits (health, dental, vision)
  • Flexible paid time off / vacation
  • Paid Maternity Leave
  • Wyndy is an “office-optional” employer, meaning we welcome remote applicants from across the United States.

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

This job has a geo-restriction in place: USA Only.













We thank all the candidates who have shown interest in our company, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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