We love to create and that is what keeps us flowing.


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Headquarters Belgrade, Serbia
Employees 11-50 employees
Industry Information Technology
Website StuntCoders

When we were kids, we were honest about our fantasies. We were hungry for knowledge and all that mattered was fun. Later, we grew up and started doing what we were told to. Soon, we started despising Mondays, and continued with our lives without trying to make our days count.

We honestly believed that this is not the road we were meant to take, because if you are not truly happy, it will show on products you deliver. We wanted an environment where we would feel free to talk about ideas, a place where we could learn something new every day and where we could come to be productive and give our maximum. We wanted a place where you would ask yourself: “How come the whole week has already gone by?!”.

So we founded a company and brought our friendship to the office. We didn’t want employees, we wanted a family of professionals that could come up with killing solutions. We called it StuntCoders.

StuntCoders is a tightly-knit small team of programmers, designers and operational people. We’ve come together around a desire to do three things. To create software solutions in the best way possible, to work together as a highly functioning team, and to provide great solutions, ones we are proud of, to our partners. We develop, test and integrate advanced e-commerce solutions for our clients.

We also work on interesting in-house projects. We take pride in working on this craft, working on ourselves continuously so that we’re better at it. It is important to recognize that without a great team it is hard to accomplish great results. This is why we truly invest a lot in our team, and by that we don’t mean bean bags, sweets or other perks, but investing real time and effort so that everybody’s job is made easier by team processes, not harder. But what is most important to us, is that every team member is valued fairly and fully, according to his or her contributions, not office politics.

We love creating effective, well built, amazing solutions for our partners. We put our whole selves in our work and take pride in it, and we’re sure that they will be great for our partners. So sure that we offer them a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Mid-Senior PHP developer
Belgrade, Serbia | Flexible time

As a backend developer you will be responsible for development, testing and integration of advanced e-commerce solutions for our clients.

Date added: Thursday, November 29, 2018
Junior PHP Developer
Belgrade, Serbia | Flexible time & location

Don't just look for a job, but for a company that will raise your skills to a new level.

Date added: Friday, November 23, 2018
Interviews at StuntCoders
Interview difficulty
Interview process length
2 weeks
Interview process phases
4 phase/s
Interview process
  • Phone call / Screening 5%
  • On-site interview 95%
  • Background check 20%
  • Problem solving test 100%
Interview process length
Interview Tips
  1. Think about why you want to work at StuntCoders
  2. Have some knowledge of the company
  3. Think about your previous work experiences, where you had problems and how you resolved them
  4. Prepare a projects you can boost about and show as an example of your skills
  5. We are not that scary :)
Interview Questions
  1. No questions like: How many golf balls fit in an airplane?
  2. Give us an example of a situation where you were under a lot of stress.
  3. Some technical questions
  4. What is the best advice you ever got?
  5. What would your ideal job look like?
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StuntCoders's culture

Stuntcoders office seems more like a cosy flat than a corporate office. We work hard but we also enjoy talking to our colleagues, having a Friday beer and laughing at funny kitten videos in the office. We encourage learning, mentoring and different forms of sharing knowledge, like in-office lectures about mechanical learning.

Small teams are formed and, with the use of our Le Collab program, they manage different projects and tasks. There are regular code reviews. Working hours are flexible, people usually start between 8 and 10 and end around 4 to 6.

Currently we are experimenting with Fridays using them to work only on inhouse projects and discuss new ideas. Feedbacks are given on a monthly basis or weekly for new hires.

StuntCoders's clients

StuntCoders's services

Key technologies currently used are:

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Ruby on Rails.

The development is based on Vagrant, Nginx, MySQL and PHP7, while quality and deployment are maintained by automated testing via continuous integration servers.

Our Frontend development process is based on Sass, Bower, Bourbon, Grunt, Foundation, CoffeeScript in an editor of your choice (Sublime Text, WebStorm, vim…) and many other technologies, including whatever comes up in the future.