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At Gooten, we operate a smart supply chain for brands that are looking to optimize their eCommerce business with on-demand manufacturing. We combine our proprietary technology and operational expertise with a global network of 30+ best-in-class manufacturing partners. Our Guiding Principles 1. We take our partnership with you seriously We recognize your drive to scale successfully, whether you’re a known brand operating thousands of stores or an emerging high-growth business set for expansion, we have you covered! Our interests are aligned with yours; and we grow when you grow. We walk side by side with you as partners, through the ups and downs, recognizing your needs so we can provide you with the tailored solutions you’re looking for. We’re invested in your success and reward you for your growth through our Very Important Merchant (VIM) loyalty program. The possibilities are infinite! 2. We don’t end with fulfillment; it’s where we begin Order manufacturing and fulfillment are a given. We preach ‘The Gooten Standard’ to represent our operational excellence, which has been designed with your success in mind. From dedicated solution consultants, a partner success team, to customer service SLAs, we focus on what really matters in your day-today to help your business shine. We help you source the right products at the right price without ever compromising on quality. As a result, your consumers are happy and your business economics work. 3. Best-in-class all the way No lip service here. In 2020 alone, we processed 2 million orders and boast a 98% error-free rate. We hand-select all of our manufacturing partners that service more than 70 global locations across the US, Canada, AUS, EU, and the UK. What’s more, our proprietary order management and smart supply chain network always ensures orders are being efficiently routed to production facilities that are closest to your consumers, allowing localized production, lower shipping costs, and faster delivery.

Senior QA Engineer
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Date added: Thursday, October 28, 2021
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