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Signant Health is the global evidence generation company. We help clients modernize clinical trials by meeting patients where they are and reimagining the path to proof.

Trusted by researchers worldwide for more than 20 years, we transform evidence generation with industry-pioneering software solutions supported by in-house expertise in science, medicine, regulatory knowledge, and global operations.

Our solutions streamline clinical trials regardless of how or where they are conducted, resulting in endpoint evidence of the highest quality and integrity. We deliver proof at the speed of life.

Our values are key to the way we work and the decisions we make:
  1. Make the decision
  2. Celebrate mistakes
  3. Communicate transparently & inclusively
  4. Count on me
Being an integral part of a great team with purpose - committed to making life easier for those involved in life-changing research - means what we all do matters.
  • An integral part of a great team with a purpose

Our people are genuinely caring, and passionate about what they do – committed to making life easier for those involved in life-changing research.

What we do matters. And when you work here, what you do matters too. Our open, collaborative culture means we make connections globally and work on exciting things together.

  • Seeing and feeling the impact you make

Being part of a fast-growing global company that’s big enough to have scale and resources, yet small and nimble enough for you to quickly see your impact.

We are a new company and it's important to be honest in admitting that not everything is just the way we want it yet. But we’re constantly investing in the people, tools, processes or systems that will help us work better together to meet our customers’ needs.

  • Be yourself; after all, why would we want anyone different?

Bring your personality and your whole self to work! We celebrate our diversity. We believe in hearing different perspectives and learning from each other so that we can evolve and grow. That also translates to us supporting each other to have fluidity in the way our work gets done, as work is just one commitment in our lives.

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