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Helm is a team of scientists, designers, engineers, and campaigners.

We are building a data and technology platform for organizers and issue advocates. We design and execute experiments to better understand human civic behavior, determine which interventions drive impact, and scale them toward a more participatory democracy.

Helm works with visionary leaders who seek to create a more equitable world. Our tools give elite operators power to shape campaigns, organizations, and movements.

Our partners gain access to analysis, briefings, data, and tools optimized for long-term advocacy.

At Helm, we seek to understand human civic behavior and equip organizers with our tools and insights.

Our work is urgent. Issue advocates and organizers are our inspiration. Building with and for them is our mission.

We are assembling a team that understands, shares values with, learns alongside, and stands with the people who are doing the work to change the nation. We are seeking team members who want to see a more equitable future in their lifetime, and who have the passion and skills to help us get there.

While we work toward creating that future, we are simultaneously building a diverse team that reflects the true nature of our nation; and cultivating an inclusive environment in which everyone can thrive. We know that in order to succeed, we must be able to do both.

If this sounds good to you, Helm may be for you. See our open roles and get in touch with us below.


  1. Remote-first team
  2. Flexible work schedule
  3. Comprehensive health plans
  4. Unlimited PTO
  5. Paid parental leave
  6. Paid volunteer time
  7. 401K
  8. Stipend to enhance your home office
Director of Design
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Data aggiunta: lunedì 11 ottobre 2021
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Marketing Manager
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Data aggiunta: mercoledì 8 settembre 2021
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