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We help agencies and companies with modern web development (JAMstack) tools. This includes web development using Static Site Generators, Headless CMS, CI / CD and CDN setup. We work with Gatsby, Next.js, Hugo, Contentful and DatoCMS to name a few.

We leverage our knowledge of Jamstack and Headless tools and implement them in each & every project in which it's desirable to do so.

The key mission of our organization is to deliver lightning fast, stable & secure CDN-hosted Static Websites and Applications.

Here are some of the things we do to achieve it.


- build websites using Static Site Generators (such as Gatsby, Next.js with static export, Hugo)

- integrate Headless CMS into Static Websites (such as Contentful, DatoCMS, NetlifyCMS just to name a few)

- make Audits & Optimize Websites, so that they perform better

- configure & host Static Websites in CDNs'?

- develop PWA (Progressive Web Application) (JAMstack PWA as well)

The things listed above are necessary to solve today's problems in web development and achieve our vision.

We want to see the web:

of incredible performance and high security in which users are delighted with the smoothness & great design of each website they visit.

of amazing scalability and low costs of upkeep in which clients are pleased with their low expenses on maintenance and, at the same time, amazed by higher conversions due to shorter loading times.

of comfortable version control in which developers are totally happy with writing new code and making changes.


See you soon!









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