Milos Ciganovic

JavaScript Developer
Candidate verified
Age 23
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Status Available


I'm a JavaScript developer, with the main focus on Front-end technologies and React or React-native.

I started programming about five years ago. In this period I have learned many different technologies and programming languages. I have learned the basics of programming in C, object programming in JAVA, game programming in unity and C#, but for me, web technologies have always been in the first place

I like to learn. I am passionate about programming and learning new stuff. For me, constant learning or work with something new is not a problem, It's a challenge and opportunity to update my skills and learn something new. I love researching web engineering area, the more I know, the more I love it!

Now I want to find a good company, where I can learning something new and become a better developer every day.

I'm good at self-organization, also I'm a team player and I never have a problem when I work with other people. I can quickly learn and adapt, and I can be a very useful part of the team.

Work history

Reves Technologies

Javascript software developer Last year, I was working for Reves (ex Cybele) Technologies. That was a really great experience for my programming skills. I was working in react, but with the main focus on react-native app. I was learning more about mobile development, javascript programming, but also about real industry methodologies and work with the team. I was working on some big applications and also I was the lead developer on a few apps March 2018 - November 2018 (8 months)


Web Developer In this period I was working with my friend for some clients, mostly through I have worked on the front-end with many different technologies and frameworks (Vue, Cordova, React...). At that time I have learned a lot of new stuff and really updated my skills to another level. Also, I understand better application life-cycle, and how to develop an application from idea to release. January 2017 - January 2018 (1 year )


Front-end Developer This is my first job, like a paid internship, and also entering into an IT world. My job here was to create static web pages with HTML and CSS, and some basic functionality on the frontend with Javascript/Jquery. This was a good experience. I learned here good stuff about web design, CSS animations / Js animations, mobile design etc. October 2015 - April 2016 (6 months)


New Computer Technologies

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 2014 - 2018

Electrical technician of automatics

Electrotechnical school "Stari Grad" 2009 - 2013


Native or bilingual


React Native: Advanced Concepts
Advanced React and Redux: 2018 Edition
MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js


  • Gaming
  • Watching movie
  • Reading
  • Arduino boards programing