Marta Stanojevski

Virtual Assistant
Candidate verified
Age 29
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Status Available


Great verbal communication skills gained through my experience as tour guide and travel agent:
- Greeted and assisted customers with booking reservations and answering any additional questions both in person and over the phone.
- Established personal relationship with clients.
- Communicated with people from different countries, of different age groups and languages.

Good organisational and managerial skills gained as a tour guide and as an instructor in tour guide training:
- Skills in scheduling, training, and overseeing employees in day to day operations. 
- Skills in coordination with bus drivers, bus companies, restaurants, and hotels. ? Skills in solving unexpected problems, such as bus fire, hotels overbooking, managing group behavior in bad weather conditions (floods...) J

Job-related skills: 
- Project Management
- Training 
- Improvisation 
- Problem solving
- Leadership 
- Team management 
- Customer experience 
- Consulting 
- High proficiency in Microsoft Office programs 
- Adept with GPS navigation system 
- Foreign language and interpersonal skills 
- Ability to organize tasks effectively 
- A deep passion for nature and environmental causes

Work history

Puzzle Group

Instructor in tour guide training The training program for future tour guides coveing various aspects of being a tour guide and offering a depth education regarding how to do the job, from how to talk on the spot and provide narration, to how to organize and manage a tour group as a director. December 2015 - now (8 years 2 months)

Oktopod Travel

Travel Agent Met with customers to discuss travel foreign and domestic travel and tour packages; Calculated travel and accommodation costs within customer budget and offered recommendations for cost savings such as off-season tours; Maintained regular communication with customer prior to departure to provide updated travel information including delayed departures and earlier flight availability. January 2013 - May 2013 (4 months)

Internet portals and

Web administrator and copywriter Created, reviewed or updated web page content or links in a timely manner, using appropriate tools; Tracked, compiled, and analyzed web site usage data; Monitored document application and web site changes or changed procedures; Developed or documented style guidelines for web site content; Tested new software packages for use in web operations or other applications; Developed or implemented procedures for ongoing web site revision; Provided training or technical assistance in web site implementation or use; Gathered, analyzed, or documented user feedback to locate or resolve sources of problems. May 2013 - June 2017 (4 years 1 month)

Viva Travel, Fantast Tourist, Special Travel Agency - Puzzle Group

Tour Guide Guiding elementary school, high school, student and adult groups to the countries of Central and Western Europe, providing them significant information about each destination or attraction visited with emphasis on its cultural and historical meaning, managing transportation and accomodation on the tour and being responsible for the enjoyment of clients (tourists). December 2010 - now (13 years 2 months)


Civil Protection and Environmental Protection

Faculty of Security Studies The Faculty of Security Studies is a graduate-level member institution of the University of Belgrade and belongs to the group of the humanities faculties. The Faculty covers interrelated philosophical, sociological, political, legal, economic, psychological, ethical, humanitarian, civilian-military, and other aspects of the security studies, human and social resources, defense, civil defense and environment protection. 2007 - 2011

Field of socio-lingual studies

XIV Belgrade Gymnasium Secondary school of general education type. 2003 - 2007