Lena Martinović

Virtual Assistant
Candidate verified
Age 21
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Status Available


  • Bachelor degree, 2 years of experience in (project) assistant positions
  • Knowledge and experience of arranging and keeping track of appointments, managing calendars and organizing (international) travel bookings
  • Native proficiency in English, Serbian and working proficiency in French, some knowledge of Dutch and Spanish
  • Demonstrated organizational abilities, including excellent time management skills and attention to detail, strong abilities in using different software (including MS Office, Google G-Suite, TeamViewer, WordPress)
  • Comfortable with working independently and providing guidance for myself, experience with time-tracking apps
  • Strong communication skills, including phone, email and instant messaging communication

Work history

EUROCLIO Secretariat

Traineeship • Social media coordinator; helped with the development of outreach strategy; managed various social media accounts • Assisted in report writing for various projects, from coordinating communication to processing feedback and implementing results in a report format • Assisted in organization of national events by making travel arrangements, acting as a point of contact between partners and association, managing a budget and ensuring that spending was on track • Helped with the translation of documents from French to English (and vice-versa) • Further developed MS Office proficiency April 2018 - July 2018 (3 months)

Erasmus Debating Society

Board Advisory Committee • Provided advice, guidance and help to the 30th board of the society and ensured that board members were doing their tasks, keeping up with the goals set at the beginning of the year • Helped with the board transition by providing guidelines, answering questions and passing on my knowledge from the year before September 2018 - now (5 years 10 months)

Erasmus Rotterdam Open

Tournament Convener • Managed a team of four members and guided them in the organization of the event, while ensuring that necessary tasks were being done by leading meetings, following up on communication and ensuring that external sponsors were being updated on the progress • Raised €3,500 in external sponsoring for the tournament which allowed us to bring in external judges to ensure that good feedback is given to participants. • Was responsible for a €10,000 budget July 2017 - May 2018 (10 months)

Erasmus Debating Society

Secretary of the 29th Board • Maintained communication between the society and its members, and completing general secretary tasks, such as minute-taking, arranging meetings, having oversight of membership and keeping the records of society up to date which developed my skills in professional communication • Maintained society outreach by creating and updating social media strategy, and also using a monthly newsletter to keep members informed. Usually saw a 50-60% open-rate. • Developed budget management skills by managing the socials committee budget and having an overview of society’s overall budget September 2017 - August 2018 (11 months)

Erasmus Rotterdam Open

Secretary • Engaged with (prospective) participants through Facebook. Saw an increase in response rate to 100% with minimal response time. • Developed a marketing strategy and as a result, tournament was the biggest tournament in the Netherlands. • As the accommodation and volunteer officer, my responsibilities included coordinating accommodation ?needs of participants and managing the volunteers by making sure they were updated on the tasks ?they needed to be doing during the event ? • Kept track of registration, ensuring that we are meeting our goals while making sure that we are able to provide a quality tournament ? • Developed budgeting skills December 2016 - June 2017 (6 months)


Intern • Through data compilation in Excel, digitization and archival of office documents, developed organizational and attention to detail skills. February 2012 - April 2012 (2 months)


BA in History

Erasmus University Rotterdam Bachelor degree in International History, with a focus on Cultural History Minor in International Relations and Human Rights Law 2015 - 2018


Native or bilingual
Native or bilingual

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