Jelena Popac

Candidate verified
Age 33
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Status Available


The programs I use active are Auto Cad and 3DS Max. I draw in AutoCAD since 2006. and model in 3D Studio MAX since 2009. For those programs I have certificates verified in Serbia.  

So far I have worked in Interior Design company as Interior Designer and in PD Elektrodistribucija Belgrade as Construction supervisor and Planner for substation 10/0,4 kV,

I try to do every job with maximum responsibility. I am dedicated to work and able to work independently and in a team. 

Interior Design

I enjoy in designing interiors and possibility to improve working and living spaces.  I have the most experience with projects of kitchens, bathrooms and designing furniture (wardrobes and living room compositions). Also, I'm able to do architectural and constructions drawing, and also interior solutions of the apartments and houses. 

First, I talk to my clients about their point of view. How they want to organize their work or living space (style, colors…). After that I start with project, which implies Auto cad drawings and 3D model. After finishing my idea I present two, three or more variants of the project to client. We find the one which best suits to the client. Next step is solving problems about material selection (woodwork, ceramics, colors, walls and ceilings...). When we confirm all details, my work implies supervision. 

What am I searching for in a company?

I'm looking for professionalism and observing deadlines. 

Work history


Planner Draughting and designing residental and office buildings. Draughting project docmentation for substation 10/,4 kV and completing procedure for building permit. Supervising contractors and quality of work. September 2016 - now (7 years 9 months)

ODS "EPS Distribucija" Beograd

Supervision over construction work Responsible contract engineer. Supervising construction work low voltage and medium voltage network and substation 10/0,4kV. April 2012 - January 2019 (6 years 9 months)


Interior designer Designing interior - apartments and offices and supervising all interior work. Leading contractors team. January 2011 - now (13 years 5 months)

Eurosalon Beograd

Interior designer Draughting and technical support on designing interior. January 2010 - January 2011 (1 year )



Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade 2004 - 2009

Project portfolio

Image for Jelena Popac's project Interior design of the apartment

Interior design of the apartment


Image for Jelena Popac's project Interior design of bathroom

Interior design of bathroom


Image for Jelena Popac's project Interior design of bedroom

Interior design of bedroom


Image for Jelena Popac's project Interor desing of livingroom and diningroom

Interor desing of livingroom and diningroom



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3D Studio Max

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