Jasna Stevanović

Project Manager
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Age 58
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Status Available


I am an experienced Independent Information Technology Consultant and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in IBM DB2, Credit Cards, Test Management, Project Management, and Test Planning. Strong information technology professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Computer Science & Mathematics from University of Belgrade, Serbia.

What am I searching for in a company?

Project Management, Data Analysis, Data Testing, Programming

Work history

Postal Savings Bank Belgrade, Srbija

Independent IT Consultant, Project Manager • One of the leading Serbian banks • various projects related to credit card management and controlling • Project team size internal: approximately 5 - 10 people in different roles • Project life cycle type: waterfall • Maintaining contact and working with IT and business stakeholders , testing team during all execution phases • Drafting internal bank project contracts (SOWs), WBSs, high level sequence diagrams, Gantt charts and more; also performing requirements management • Performing project planning, monitoring, controlling and reporting with regard to the schedule and budget to the business stakeholders and upper management. • Technical environment: IBM/MVS/ESA, DB2/SQL,/QMF, Libre Office, EXCEL, RS2 (Bank Works), Issuer, P3 (Smart Card Personalization Preparation Process) June 2016 - now (8 years )

Postal Savings Bank Belgrade, Srbija

IT Project Manager, System Architect, Analyst Programme • One of the leading Serbian banks • Project life cycle type: waterfall • Maintaining contact and working with business stakeholders , testing team during all execution phases • SWIFT and EG transfers, SMS services, Fixed Assets, Reporting projects • Managing in-house software projects: managed, executed and successfully delivered projects for various • Technical environment: IBM/MVS/ESA, DB2/SQL,/QMF PL/1, CICS, ISPF/PDF, TSO/CLIST/REXX, VSAM, JCL, Libre Office, MSSQL Server Management (Studio Express), EXCEL June 2002 - May 2016 (13 years 11 months)

ITC Consulting Gmbh, Zurich, Switzerland

It Project Leader, System Architect, Analyst Programmer (Consultant) • Company was at that time exclusive software producer for the City Bank Private Banking Zurich • Project life cycle type: Agile / Scrum • Maintaining contact and working with business stakeholders, testing team during all execution phases • SWIFT 2002 Release, Client Communication System, EURO Conversion, variety of Fast Track projects • Managed, executed and successfully delivered projects for various user requirements and specifications • Technical environment: IBM/MVS/ESA, C++, COBOL, CICS, TSO, VSAM, JCL, MS-PRoject, MS-Word, EXCEL May 2000 - May 2002 (2 years )

Merck Sharp Dohme IDEA Inc, Belgrade, Srbija

IT Support Specialist, Program Manager • One of the leading USA pharmaceutical companies • Accounting, Salaries and Reporting projects • Acquiring, as well as conceptualizing , planning and implementing complex projects for internal use • Conducting project acquisition in cooperation with adjacent business lines June 1996 - May 2000 (3 years 11 months)

Caltex Oil (SA) Pty Ltd, Cape Town Area, South Africa

System Designer, Analyst Programmer (Consultant) • Company is part of TEXACO Oil, a leading USA petrol company • Specialized in Maintenance, Helpdesk Support, Conversion of all existing Company systems from SUPRA to a DB2/RDBMS • Technical environment: IBM/MVS/ESA, DB2, COBOL, CICS, SUPRA, JCL, EASYTRIEVE+, QMF, ENDEVOR March 1994 - April 1996 (2 years 1 month)

BMW (SA) Pty Ltd., Pretoria Area, South Africa

System Designer, Analyst Programmer (Consultant) • Leading car industry company • Development of Fleet Vehicle system • Technical environment: IBM/MVS/ESA, DB2, COBOL, CICS December 1993 - February 1994 (2 months)

Rand Mines, Johannesburg Area, South Africa

Analyst Statistician, Analyst Programmer • Leading coal mining company of South Africa • Development of financial forecasting model, numerical and statistical analysis and optimisation of earnings on Foreign Exchange; optimisation of mining costs versus mining technology constraints • Technical environment: MS DOS, IBM/VM/CMS, SQL/DS, FORTRAN, C, AS, GDDM, Harward Graphics, Lotus May 1992 - December 1993 (1 year 7 months)

Institute for Nuclear Sciences Vincha, Srbija

Analyst - numerical mathematics expert • Esteemed Serbian Institute for nuclear sciences • numerical data processing for analysis of protein and genetic sequences from spectroscopic data • scientific project based on developing new numerical methods for experimental data analysis in various fields • research work, published papers * • Technical environment: MS DOS, C, FORTRAN May 1987 - October 1987 (5 months)

National Institute of Statistics of Republic Serbia, Belgrade, Srbija

Analyst Programmer • company exclusively responsible for organization and actualization of Census, supervision and publication of the results of Census • Development and maintenance of variety of statistical projects, as well as Census of Population and Homes • Technical environment: MS DOS, IBM/MVS/XA,ESA, PL/1, ISPF/PDF/TSO,CLIST, VSAM, JCL, census-specific software: AERO (Hungarian package) and RAPID/RDBMS November 1987 - April 1992 (4 years 5 months)


Bachelor of Science (BSc) Computer Science & Mathematics

University of Belgrade, Serbia, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 1981 - 1987


Automatic Analysis of Soft X-Ray Emission Spectra Obtained by EPMA

1991 Authors:Slavic A.I., Stevanovic J., Grzetic A.I., Pavicevic K.M. - at EMAS '91, 2nd European Workshop on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, May 14-18, 1991. Also: Mikrochim. Acta (1992) [Suppl.] 12: 161-171.,

Polynomial Identification of a Data Set by Stripping Method - Applied to Table Approximation, Numerical Differentiation and Integration

1991 Authors: Slavic A.I., Stevanovic J. - at 2nd Symposium on Application of Mathematical Methods and Computers in Mining, Geology and Metallurgy, Belgrade, October 21-25, 1991


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