Ivana Peričin

Virtual Assistant
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Age -
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Status Available


As and organised and very hard-working individual, I love the challenges of working within motivated and fast paced working team. The knowledge I gained during my formal and extracurricular education as well as my working experience as project coordinator and ethical counsellor for individuals and groups, has shaped my ability for detailed analysis, problem-solving, communication, organisation and work effectively as part of team or my own.

While much of my experience has been in interpersonal relations I have strong inclination toward organisational jobs.  I see organisational kind of jobs as the most fulfilling jobs for my personality.  My previous experience as a Project Coordinator taught me a lot about administrative work, organisation and cooperation in complex and various teams.  In accordance,  with my education, experience and personal character I see my self in jobs that include working with international team and a lot organisational tasks. 

What I hope to show through my professional profile is that I am person who continuously works on personal and professional progress. That being said, I am very open for every future training that will contribute to the progress of my team. 


Work history

The Centre for Free Election and Democracy - CeSID

Associate in Project - Assessment of Violent Extremism in Serbia As a professional educated for guided interviews, during this project I was in charge to take part in conducting in-depth interviews with representatives of different types of organisations and institutions such as OSCE, USAID, British Council, MOFA, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, DamaD etc. My engagement in this project was a one objective approach focused on professional reporting about different kind of experiences, views and considerations related to problems of violent extremism. September 2018 - December 2018 (3 months)

Serbian Philosophical Practitioners' Association

Psychological and Ethical Consultant Working with individuals and groups in organising personal and professional plans and obligations, setting goals, personality assessment, problem-solving, time management, motivation, conflict resolution, assertiveness communication training, personal psychological development. Working as a counsellor every day provides me with opportunity to enrich my experience in understanding the way individuals and group function. It gives me the ability to apply practical way toward the improvements of their specific skills and overall life quality. March 2016 - now (8 years 1 month)


Ethical Consulting and Integrative Psychotherapy

Serbian Association of Philosophical Practitioner 2015 - 2017

DILEMMA Training and PEACE Method

Serbian Association of Philosophical Practitioners 2016 - 2017

Master of Applied Psychology

University of Singidunum Faculty of Media and Communication Master's Thesis focus on Corporate Crisis and Ethical Intervention 2015 - 2016

Propaedeutics of Applied Psychology

University of Singidunum Faculty of Media and Communication 13 Differential exams between Anthropology and Applied Psychology (Retraining) 2013 - 2015

Bachelor of Arts - BA,Anthropology

University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy Graduating Thesis Focus in The role of transnational companies in economic globalisation Field - Political Anthropology 2007 - 2012


The Concept of Crisis and Modalities of Crisis-Intervention

2017 The conceptualisation of crisis has direct import for the development of methodologies and, more specifically, technologies for crisis intervention. This paper discusses two general conceptualisations which dominate the contemporary crisis theory: the understanding of crisis as an inhibitory experience, and the understanding of crisis as a transformative opportunity. Depending on the conceptualisations, various interventions may be implemented for intervening in a particular crisis, whether they seek to remedy the inhibitory consequences of the crisis, or to ‘re-frame’ the context for approaching the crisis and thus, potentially, open up new avenues for using crisis as an opportunity to generate additional personal, organisational, or social growth. The paper proposes several conceptual solutions to the way crises are ordinarily understood, and demonstrates how these various concepts impact potential technical and broader methodological approaches to crisis-resolution.