Dimitrije Milenkovic

Candidate verified
Age 23
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Status Available


Data analyst, based in Belgrade (Serbia).

Work history

Things Solver

Data Science Internship Working on the development of Campaign Management Tools, data exploration and predictive models building in retail and telecommunications industries. January 2019 - February 2019 (1 month)


Data Analyst and Engineer Building data flows and platform for collecting and analyzing log data for real-time monitoring and forecasting of systems stability (software and streaming servers). April 2018 - September 2018 (5 months)


Co-founder and CTO Accountanimity team deals with implementation of accountable anonymity in order to encourage better interaction and discussion during events, such as university courses, workshops, conferences, etc. The team was developing Anon Classroom, the platform with the aims to provide an open forum for better communication between professors and students during and after lectures, as well as better feedback of the course. September 2018 - January 2019 (4 months)

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Department of Systems Theory and Control

Student demonstrator Assisting the instructors with class preparation and course materials: Demonstrating in practical classes on course Systems Theory, teaching Control Systems in practice using Matlab, and developing teaching materials for course Python for Scientific Computations and Control. October 2018 - now (1 year 4 months)


Junior CRM-ERP Developer June 2017 - November 2017 (5 months)


Junior Full-stack Developer Development of Network Monitoring System, with the purpose to automate the configuration of telecommunication services (Internet, VOIP, TV) and their monitoring. November 2017 - April 2018 (5 months)

Startit / SEE-ICT

tech blogger and startup activist September 2016 - January 2017 (4 months)


B.S. in Informations Systems and Technologies

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences​ Course names are from the academic transcript of the University. Math and Statistics: Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2. Mathematics 3, Discrete Mathematical Structures, Probability Theory, Statistics; Programming and IT: Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technologies, Introduction to Information Systems Programming 1, Programming 2, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Computer Networks and Telecommunication, Programming Languages, Information Technologies, Designing Information Systems, E-business, Business Processes Modelling, Legal Basics of Information Systems; Data Science: Databases, Operational research 1, Operational research 2, Decision Theory, System theory, Decision-Support Systems, Machine Learning; Business and Support Courses: Economics, Organization Basics, Management, Marketing, Production Systems, Financial Management and Accounting, Management of Technology and Development, Human Resource Management, Psychology, English language for specific purposes 1, English language for specific purposes 2. 2015 - 2019


Native or bilingual


3rd on bits’n’Android TV Hackathon
2018 Solution: Emotion-based recommendation system
3rd on Saga ML & IoT Hackathon
2018 Solution: A system for predicting the risk of chronic diseases.
2nd on Levi9 AR Hackathon
2018 Solution: Smart sales assistant in markets.
3rd on Symorg Case Study Hackathon
2018 Solution: An agile data-driven system for supporting decision-making on taxation.
3rd on MATF Hackathon
2018 Solution: Platform for finding the best taxi routes
3rd on FON Hackathon
2018 Solution: Data-driven personalization of services. Customer Segmentation using Machine Learning.
3rd on Business Case Study, Exit Festival
2016 Apps for Festival Lovers
2nd on Business Case Study, Devana Technologies (GoDaddy)
2016 Gamification of the employment process
2nd on Business Case Study, Devana Technologies (GoDaddy)
2015 Market Positioning of a Hosting Company

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