Cleyton Brasil

Angular Developer
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Age -
Location Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Status Available


Proactive, responsible frontend and PHP developer focused on Web Systems. Known to possess
strong technical knowledge and to deliver solid systems.
More than 8 years' experience developing systems that have increased revenue.
In this period I worked with Frontend and Backend, using NodeJS, PHP, Codeigniter, Javascript,
AngularJS, JQuery, SASS, CSS3, HTML5, SQL Server, MySql, and used GIT.

Work history

Stefanini Business Solutions

Senior Software Developer Developing the Portal B2B system for the Corporate sector of Oi. Responsible for the MAP3C module of sales for large companies. Programs and languages used: NodeJS, Javascript, AngularJS, SASS, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, using SQL Server database. February 2017 - now (7 years 2 months)

Stefanini Business Solutions

Senior Software Developer Developed and produced automated process control systems for vehicle production in the FIAT group, New Holland, CASE, Iveco. Programs and languages used: PHP, Codeigniter, Javascript, AngularJS, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap, Oracle Database, making integration between internal systems Copics and SAP. February 2014 - March 2016 (2 years )

FIXTI Freelancer

Development Analyst Developed project management, E-billing, and various other portals as needed for Oi Telecommunications. Each development project overlapped one another to satisfy a larger technology related project for Oi Telecommunication’s customer base, which comprised of creating management information portals. Programs and languages used: PHP, Codeigniter, JQuery, CSS, SQL Server. May 2011 - May 2012 (1 year )

Oi Telecommunications, S.A.

Senior Software Developer Developed the Web Portal Sales System which controls the sales made on the website Contributed in developing business Dashboards modules leveraging company management information. Programs and languages used: PHP, Codeigniter, Extjs, jQuery, SQL Server. August 2011 - March 2014 (2 years 7 months)

MD2 Business Consulting

Business Intelligence Analyst Acted as a consultant for a financial business portal, insuring the development of data processing for millions of records, making ETL, Extract, Transform, Load and creating dashboards for company management. IBM InfoSphere DataStage tools for development. May 2010 - November 2010 (6 months)


Development Analyst Developed a tracking portal for projects, control portal GPS and an ARS troubleshooting automated portal for Oi Telecommunications. I developed a tracking portal to track all changes made in server environments and changes in Oracle databases. This project aimed to save expenditures by focusing on one IT solution instead of using several other software programs and consulting for monitoring and to send the necessary documentation for audit. Programs and languages used: PHP, Extjs, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI November 2010 - August 2011 (9 months)


Graduate Analysis and Systems Development

Faculdade Izabela Hendrix (The College of Izabela Hendrix) 2008 - 2011


Native or bilingual

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