Branislav Andjelkovic

Unity Developer
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Location Niš, Serbia
Status Available


I am a Game Developer with 8+ years of experience and masters degree in computer science. I started my career building desktop and web apps but I latter focused on building games. Basic knowledge in graphics - 3D modeling and animation - have been even more helpful in my pursuit of making games.

Project types I worked on using Unity3D:
-Mobile Apps
-2D/3D Games
-VR/AR Apps/Games
-Multiplayer Games
-Gambling Games
-Casual Games
-Educational Games
-Unity Editor Tools
Clients find me easy to work with and cooperate, and they usually like to work with me on a long term basis. That suits me too, since I don't like to jump from project to project after a few months of work.
My main tool that I use every day is Unity3D in combination with C#. I am not a wizard and I probably cannot do everything that you wish, but I can say that I can do about 80%-90% of the features you need for your game/entertainment project, so let's have a chat and discuss your needs and preferences.

Work history


Unity Developer Making games and apps using Unity3D engine. Profile link: January 2015 - now (8 years 8 months)

ING Software

Unity Game Developer Making games and apps using Unity3D engine. May 2011 - now (12 years 4 months)

Phoenix Game Studio

Co-Founder Creating magic with Unity3D. May 2008 - now (15 years 4 months)


Computer Science

Faculty of Electronic Engineering 2002 - 2008



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