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Project Manager/QA
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Age 33
Location Osijek, Croatia
Status Available


Experienced Technical assistant, skilled in QA, Manual testing, Integration, Project management and Customer service. Strong professional with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.). Always ready and open to learn new skills to provide more value. A positive and team player personality.

What am I searching for in a company?

I`m currently working full time at Condor Gaming as a Project manager/QA manual tester, an iGaming company, but I`m in a search for a place where I could grow my knowledge and skills even more.

How would I Describe myself Personal and Professionally speaking? 

Personally - positive and team player personality, like and tend to help others, think that world would be a better place if everyone would do at least 1 good deed a day, always looking for good in people, but not naive, biggest critic for myself, honest to myself and people around me, reliable and loyal .

Professionally - A hungry individual for skill and knowledge growing in following fields - E-commerce, dropshipping, Wordpress, QA, Project management and if there is more I want to learn more to be excellent in what I do. All learned so far was through online reading, trying out different affiliate programs and courses and my online work experience in different companies. I`m not scared to accept new challenges, always open to hear a constructive criticism, I feel there is still a lot room and potential in me, which I need to reach with more education and improvement of my skills,to provide the best results and to be proud of my work.

In which things I feel really good at? 

- organized - handling large variety of tasks, executing them on a daily basis; like to have a structure while working, like to plan ahead - for example if I don`t have a flow I create a flow of tasks for myself according to priority, from high to low and I feel happier when I can checkmark the whole list of tasks as done

- adaptable - I adapt very fast to new situations, multitasking in fast paced environments is normal, opened and not scared of new challenges

- teamwork - working in a team, resolving some problem, I`m opened for communication and good at helping others - onboarding new people and making them comfortable to start

- fast learner - tech savvy, passionate to learn new things, skills and gain more knowledge, practices in order to excell and provide great value/results through work; Interested in Wordpress, testing, project management, DNS management, e-commerce and similar

- analytical - like to research, study behaviours, softwares and make comparisons

- customer service - handling a variety of customers, happy or angry, try to resolve their requests to satisfy them and make them happy, have a lot experience; Co-work with external company partners and service providers

Work history

Condor Gaming

Tech Admin/QA/Project Manager • Communication between tech department and all other departments through all depths within the company • QA/manual testing of bug fixes, integrations, developments on staging and production environments • Organizing, creating and distributing tasks in Asana and Basecamp (description creation - briefing documents, steps for reproduction, urls, screenshots etc.) • Project management of implementations of new features on sites/backoffices, integrations (game providers, payment methods, licence for audits elements etc.) - all in collaboration with management, techs and relevant 3rd persons/departments • Organizing, distributing and coordinating tasks/projects to tech team • Scheduling deployments/releases • Creation of release notes for new releases • Reporting issues to external partner companies help desks, tracking and follow up on progress of fixes • External communication - integration meetings with partner companies, collection of integration documentation, aswell as preparing and sending out relevant company technical documentation to external companies • DNS management - updating company websites DNS, solely or in collaboration with hosting companies and 3rd parties (Email providers, Security services etc.) • Basic editing and maintaining companies Wordpress sites - and September 2016 - now (7 years 10 months)


Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Business/Commerce, General

Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku, Faculty of Economics 2008 - 2013




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