Aleksandar Dragacevac

Senior Data Engineer
Candidate verified
Age 39
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Status Available


Experienced Data Engineer and Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Python, Scala, SQL, BI, DataWarehouse, ETL, Web Services and API's. Strong information technology professional with a Engineer of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Bachelor focused in Information Technology from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies in Belgrade.

Work history

Pirate Technologies d.o.o. founded under HolidayPirates Group, Berlin

Senior Data Engineer Developing complete Enterprise Datawarehouse solution with BigData in mind. Some of tools and programming languages used: Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora for databases Apache Nifi, Apache Spark for building data pipelines and realtime streamings Python, Java, Groovy, Scala - for writing ETL processes, web services, consuming responses from different API services (facebook, google analytic, twitter, whatsup, instagram .....) etc ... Amazon S3 for datalake Amazon Athena for exploring datalake and finding useful user cases Amazon Kafka, Fluentd, Snowplow April 2017 - September 2018 (1 year 5 months)

CubeTeam d.o.o.

Team Lead Senior Data Engineer Setting up architecture, create a distributed on demand scraping cluster and datawarehouse solution with BigData in mind. Orchestration of etl's, data pipelines, crawlers and spiders. Some of tools and programming languages used: Python (scrapy, scrapyd, pandas, numpy, flask, aiohttp ...) for etl's and webservices Groovy, Scala for some etl's Apache Nifi, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Fluentd, Apache Tika MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, PostgreSQL, Cassandra November 2017 - now (6 years 8 months)

InfoSYS d.o.o.

Senior Software Developer I've developed ERP solutions for commodity and financial business processes: finance, wholesale, retail, catering, commission, commercial. On these projects work was done independently and as a team, successfully implemented in over a thousand companies. I've developed tools to assist other application developers for easier operation and development of applications. I've developed Business Intelligence (BI) systems and tools (DataWarehouse, SQLGenerator, ETL processes (all), BIReports, analysis and preparation of reports from users). Optimizing applications and SQL queries. I've developed API server with support for XML, JSON, SQLite and DBF format. I've developed user interface for better presentation of data. Research, testing and observing the ways of implementation and utilization of new technologies with existing solutions. I've developed client module in C++, PYTHON and JAVA for work with defined JSON and XML RESTful protocols as help for client side programmers to utilize server API. I've developed an application for Android mobile and tablets that customers use to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking. It has real-time stock data and data about products and their movement through the warehouse. It has two version developed under Xamarin/C# and JAVA. During time frame of 4 year i have worked on Entity Framework / C#, WCF and PostgreSQL for new ERP solution which will replace current software in future. Developed in PYTHON ERP solution (AngularJS, Flask, SQLAlchemy). Developed in PYTHON asynchron web api (Aiohttp, Django) with http LoadBalancer to resolve bottleneck of COM+ objects for enterprise application. March 2004 - March 2017 (13 years )


Information Technology

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies in Belgrade Engineer of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Bachelor (appl.) 1999 - 2003


Accelerating PostreSQL Full Table Scan OLAP queries using parallelization and GPU acceleration

2018 Speaker on Data Science Conference 4.0