Senior Machine Learning Engineer

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Required experience: Senior experience
Role: Senior System Architect
Category: IT Jobs

Job description

We are the company behind, Jetpack, WooCommerce, and Tumblr, and we are looking for a (Senior) Machine Learning Engineer to join our team and connect our users with the content that is most relevant to them.

A Senior ML Engineer will take part in all stages of the product development process:

  • You will analyze user behavior and participate in project ideation. We encourage collaboration, and you can be involved in any discussion across our many communication channels.
  • You will design, develop and maintain large-scale machine learning algorithms, data pipelines, and backend services to connect users with the content they love.
  • By defining metrics and running A/B tests, you will be able to measure the impact of your work.

This role is open to data scientists eager to make data engineering a bigger part of their work, and to data engineers who already have first industry experience in building and testing algorithms. The senior position is open to experienced Machine Learning Engineers eager to

  • Build and improve our recommendations and search architectures and our data processing tools.
  • Act as a technical lead on projects.

Our technology stack includes open source big data frameworks such as Apache Spark and Flink, Python, Airflow, Elasticsearch, and PHP backends.

This position might be a good fit if you:

  • Have a good understanding of statistics, machine learning, and mining of massive datasets.
  • Have 2+ years of experience. Experience in applying your skills to improve a user-facing product would be a big plus.
  • Are an expert in at least one of the following programming languages: Python, Scala, Java, or PHP. You will likely encounter all of them in this role and the idea of using them on a regular basis should not be a blocker for you.
  • Have hands-on experience with data processing frameworks like Apache Spark and Flink and are excited to work at scale. Experience working with Elasticsearch is considered a plus for this position.
  • Are familiar with professional software engineering methods and standards such as coding conventions, code reviews, continuous integration, build processes, testing, and operations.
  • Care about crafting a safe and inspiring experience for our users, regardless of their income, gender, race, politics, language, or where they live in the world. Prior experience with a ranking of user-generated content, spam filtering, and content curation is a plus.
  • Have great verbal and written communication skills in English. Knowledge of other languages and international markets is a plus.
  • Are open and able to travel 3-4 weeks per year to meet your teammates in person. We hold an annual all-company meeting every year, and meet up with our teams for a week once or twice per year.

For a senior candidate, we are also looking for:

  • Deep expertise in natural language processing, machine learning, and/or mining of massive datasets.
  • 3+ years of experience in applying your skills to improve user-facing products at scale.
  • Demonstrated ability to design, build, maintain and improve recommendation services.

Like all positions at Automattic, you’ll work remotely, and can be based wherever you live. We work as a global and distributed workforce resulting in a unique way of working built around our creed. We offer flexible work arrangements allowing everyone to work when they feel best.

How to apply

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We believe in Open Source and the vast majority of our work is available under the GPL.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Automattic

We’re improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry. At Automattic, we want people to love their work and show respect and empathy to all. We welcome differences and strive to increase participation from traditionally underrepresented groups. Our DEI committee involves Automatticians across the company and drives grassroots change. For example, this group has helped facilitate private online spaces for affiliated Automatticians to gather and helps run a monthly DEI People Lab series for further learning. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a priority at Automattic, though our dedication influences far more than just Automatticians: We make our products freely available and translate our products into and offer customer support in numerous languages. We require unconscious bias training for our hiring teams and ensure our products are accessible across different bandwidths and devices. Learn more about our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion and our Employee Resource Groups.

We thank all the candidates who have shown interest in our company, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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