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Flexibility Full remote
Preferred timezone Central European Standard Time

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Address: Victoria, Seychelles
Role: System Administrator
Category: IT Jobs

Job description

Work with fun, smart, and highly motivated people at a successful and growing company in the anonymity industry.

As a support/customer success/linux expert member at our company, you'll get to build high-quality relationships with our clients that move the business forward, you will be helping out clients with their issues, and you'll be able to create a big impact and help our company. You will be able to create technologies and help improve customers experience a lot!

The work:

You’ll be a critical member of the team on a first name basis with the owner and not employee #1928938. Our company and technology team is small and nimble. You won't be smothered by meetings and are mostly free to choose how you accomplish your goals.
We are a 100% remote work company and we are looking for the next superstar to join us, with a positive "sure! I can do that." attitude to join our team. The work is remote, from home, for a full-time position.

We're looking for a responsible person to handle our customer support & technical support as well as lead linux developments. You need to have previous experience and you need to be skilled and technical to apply for this position.


You can work from absolutely anywhere

We are a 100% remote work company and we are looking for the next superstar to join us

Skills & requirements:

- A highly technical person
- Previous Linux and IT knowledge
- Very good English skills (read & write). (Must - Speaking levels are less important)
- Ability to work from home without distraction
- Ability to respond promptly and politelys
- Good decision making skills
- Skype

Working remote :

You can work from absolutely anywhere. We’ll be communicating via Slack mainly. Location is unimportant, as long as you are available, enthusiastic, committed, and passionate.

We thank all the candidates who have shown interest in our company, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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