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Salary 600 - 600 EUR
Flexibility Flexible time & location
Preferred timezone Central Europe Standard Time

About this job

Address: Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
Employment type: Part time
Role: Computer Programmer
Category: IT Jobs

Job description

We are looking for 2 or 3 candidates for a five-month internship opportunity in our company and in partnership with Decisions, a USA-based company. 

The training project is based on objectives for operative learning of a tech platform of workflow automation and rule business engine. The aim of the internship is to train resources in order to become able to implement a partnership with Decisions company, on Business Process management projects, but also to collaborate with partners and clients both in Italy and abroad. 

What skills will you acquire: operational, on Decisions products, applicative on projects developed in smart working and project management. 

The work:

The trainee should be trained and operate using an automation technology for company and production processes, both centered on human resources and data. 

Software features, visually based, are: Graphical workflow designer, Graphical testing, Integrated unit tests, Data Mapping, Step library, Custom data structure designer.

Tools that you are going to use during the training will be webinars, videos, Decisions’ documents and everything will be in English. Specific learning objectives for trainees will be set. 

Activities: technical activities on Decisions product, management of project process, acquiring knowledge of a technology (collecting and studying information and documentation about the functionality of the technology), and management of the activities related to the development of operational projects in partnership with Decisions or other partners. 

The environment:

At the end of the remote training, you will be required to attend a training event in Europe, organized by our partner Decisions. 


- Living costs covered when you are on travel; 

- €600,00 monthly salary for an internship contract. 

Skills & requirements:

- English and Italian languages

- Java

- Team working skills

- To be available for a training on the job

- To be available to work remotely 

Working remote :

This is a flexible part-time job. Sometimes this will mean part-time in Rome, sometimes from home and sometimes full-time and travels. 

We thank all the candidates who have shown interest in our company, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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