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Address: Minsk, Belarus
Role: AI developer
Category: IT Jobs

Job description

At the moment we are working in customer projects with technologies and techniques like TensorFlow, Keras, BI-LSTM-CRF, Word2Vec/GloVe, Gazetteer, Word/character spatial CNN, Deep Neural Network (Bag-Of-Word approach), Stemming/Lemmatization, ML-Thesaurus, Ensemble Voting, Levenshtein Distance and Collaborative Filtering among others. 

The work:

We work mostly in scrum but agile is the overall keyword. 

At the moment we are focused on .NET and Python but other technologies may of course be included in the future. Seavus in itself works with all technologies and some of our teams are cross-country while others are local. We love to share knowledge both within and outside the teams


Possibility to work from home

Skills & requirements:

You may or may not have experience of the above but you should be really eager to learn new stuff and combine that with what you already know. We are exploring uncharted territory and we need you to be active in this. You should also be pragmatic and focused on solving the tasks ahead in a good way

You should be able to analyze and visualize complex tasks, structures and connections but also be able to explain this in a way suitable for the occasion. We always work very close to our customers so meeting them is a vital part of our projects and you need to be able to understand how to jack in to their existing technical structure. Experience from working with API’s, Webservices and other integrations is of course beneficial.

Working remote :

Possibility to work from home

We thank all the candidates who have shown interest in our company, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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