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Employees 51-200 employees
Industry Consulting
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PeopleG2 is a 10+ year old Human Capital Risk Management firm founded on the core belief that all suppliers of services should “truly make a difference” – even if they’re operating in an industry that most people view as highly commoditized. This is WHY we exist.

Our value-add approach to standard and custom pre-employment screening programs is based on keeping the element of "personal staff attention and critical thinking"? noticeably in the mix when servicing all customer organizations.

Given recent multi-million dollar FTC fines against some of our competitors for ... "not using reasonable procedures to ensure the accuracy of information sold to customers"? ... our adherence to a delivery model involving personal staff attention and critical thinking is HOW we make a difference as a supplier of HR-related decision-support services.

The accuracy and completeness of an individual's information contained on commercial and public/government agency databases should never be taken for granted, and employers making hiring or promotion decisions should feel assured that these decisions are not unduly omitting -- or erroneously considering -- key information. This is WHAT we do -- deliver the highest quality Human Capital Due Diligence services to support the highest quality employment and workforce decisions.

The recent attention our company has received in Forbes and HR Executive Online highlights that we're not only approaching this market differently, but also delivering higher-end, more strategic services that no other industry provider offers.

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