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Headquarters Belgrade, Serbia
Industry Information Technology

One Click Solutions is a company that provides services in the field of information and communication technologies since 2012. With quality work and dedicated approach we have built the regional leading position in the field of application of mobile and internet solutions, complex solutions for contact centers and modern voice machines. Reliability, fairness and commitment to customers are foundations on which our business philosophy is based, according to which customers recognize us, which is why they trust us and why they accomplish long-term cooperation.

Senior .NET Developer
Belgrade, Serbia | Full remote

We are looking for a Senior .NET Developer to join our IT department and build functional applications and websites.

Date added: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Medior .NET Developer
Belgrade, Serbia | Full remote

We are seeking a .NET developer responsible for building .NET applications

Date added: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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OneClick Solutions's culture

Employees in the company One Click Solutions by doing their daily work contribute to the creation of new solutions and technologies that help customers communicate with customers, provide comfort to end users and provide added value to business and life.

By strategic recruitment and retention of only the most talented and dedicated personnel, we have created a working environment where innovation, monitoring of trends and setting up of new and higher standards of service is never lacking, and the work is based on constant improvement of our staff.

The company makes a large number of young and qualified professionals in the field of programming, management, digital marketing, sales, design, finance and legal affairs, including engineers and economists of different profiles, marketing managers, lawyers, etc. The success of your projects is provided by our project managers, while the company applies varying concepts of optimization, all in order of continuous improvement of our work and the quality of service for customers and users.

Striving for perfection in working is focused primarily on customer satisfaction. Our best advertisement are clients who have worked with us, and which confirm successfully implemented projects and continue cooperation on new projects. Today, we can say with pride that we cooperate with more than four hundred partners and customers across Europe.

OneClick Solutions's services

Contact Centers

OneClick Solutions Company is a representative of the English company Sitel, which is one of the world leaders for the services of contact centers. Contact center today represents the central place of implementation of business strategy of the organization in relation with the users. They have already become a common standard in companies where customer satisfaction is top priority in business and they are no longer limited to large organizations.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a new marketing channel which allows a very simple and fast two-way communication between brands and consumers, regardless of time of day and place where the consumer is at that moment. Also, with the possession of an adequate base of proven consumers, there are really big possibilities for targeted advertising in relation to their demographic data and consumption habits. Nonetheless, mobile Marketing is a lot cheaper and easier to prepare, implement and for monitoring of efficiency.

Premium Services

If you want to collect overdue receivables of customers or provide them with the necessary information, advice, assistance and thus build a good relationship with them, premium services of our company are the ideal choice for you. We offer a complete solution for telephone services with a special tariff and at extra cost.

Internet Marketing

If you know that 2, 81 million people in Serbia, a nearly 4 billion in the world use the Internet every day, it is certain that it is not unimportant how you represent yourself online. Because of that, Internet marketing is becoming increasingly vital for the realization of the company's profitability, since it enables you to connect your products and services to end customers in a very convenient and efficient way.