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Headquarters Münster, Germany
Employees 11-50 employees
Industry Computer
Website Frontastic

Frontastic offers a cloud platform that accelerates teams in creating mobile first frontends for the API economy.
We provide a Frontend-as-a-Service for all headless or API-driven solutions, including integrations to many eCommerce and Content Management Systems like for example commercetools, Spryker, About You Cloud, Shopify, contentful, Contentstack and many others.
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Marketing Teams love Frontastic because we empower them to easily test, deliver and scale outstanding digital experiences in a smart and efficient way. Our Page Editor allows them to create, change and optimize pages constantly and without the need for support from IT developers.

Developers love Frontastic because we enable them to focus on developing great frontends instead of losing themselves in daily nitty-gritty change requests from Marketing Teams. Instead, we provide a platform based on which frontend and backend developers can focus on value-driven development, creating code that truly pushes the envelope of customer experience.

Agencies rely on Frontastic for faster and more efficient project rollouts, more scalable and more predictable projects.

Customer Success Engineer
No office location | Full remote

Date added: Friday, April 16, 2021
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