Zdenka Jurica

Relationship manager
Candidato verificato
Età 32
Località Novi Sad, Serbia
Stato Available


A creative spirit open to new challenges. searching for new ways to use my innate curiosity and mental agility for everyday tasks

Crafty with words, with a strong aesthetic sense and a good eye for detail

An excellent team player, but just as great when working alone

Life-long learner, always open to professional and personal growth

Che cosa cerco in un'azienda?

Although my experience tells a different story, I actually don't feel most comfortable in sales and customer care settings.

I would like to work on a position that provides a healthy intellectual challenge and pushes me to learn and grow, one that would benefit from a very creative mind.

Esperienze lavorative

Novobox, Novi Sad

Customer Service Representative Communicating with existing and potential clients Managing the entire sales process – initial order, design preparation, production, final delivery of the goods gennaio 2018 - maggio 2018 (4 mesi)

Talkbridge Ltd, Novi Sad

Relationship Manager Maintaining and developing the existing client base Following up on clients’ requirements Handling inbound projects giugno 2018 - ora (5 anni )

Carrysafe International Express, Novi Sad/Paris

Sales Assistant Communicating with existing and potential clients Translating business correspondence (English, Italian <> French) Developing promo materials for the company (writing and designing promo e-mails, leaflets, etc.) Internal company data management giugno 2016 - dicembre 2017 (1 anno 6 mesi)

Moj Kutak, Novi Sad

Italian Teacher dicembre 2013 - luglio 2015 (1 anno 7 mesi)

Agrointer, Novi Sad

Freelance Translator Business correspondence translation (emails, phone calls, offers, etc) aprile 2011 - agosto 2013 (2 anni 4 mesi)

Life College, Novi Sad

Italian Teacher ottobre 2011 - giugno 2012 (8 mesi)

Vulkan Izdavaštvo

Freelance Translator Published translations of two french contemporary novels novembre 2010 - agosto 2011 (9 mesi)


French Language and Literature

University of Novi Sad Graduated in French Language and Literature Studies included the Italian Language and Literature module 2005 - 2013


Neizbrisivo sećanje

2011 Serbian translation of a novel by Hélène Grémillon, "Le confidant" https://www.knjizare-vulkan.rs/roman/14074-neizbrisivo-secanje

U gradu srebra i zlata

2011 Serbian translation of a novel by Kenizé Mourad "Dans la ville d'or et d'argent" https://www.knjizare-vulkan.rs/istorijski-roman/13228-grad-srebra-i-zlata


Le Ministère français de l’Education nationale


Madrelingua o bilingue


The Web Developer Bootcamp
2019 Online Web Development course, work in progress

I profili sui Social Media


  • Music performance
  • Reading
  • Yoga
  • Cooking