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Esperienza richiesta: Esperienza senior
Ruolo: Ingegnere del software senior
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Senior Frontend Engineer, Remote

This role is open to remote candidates residing in the U.S. except within the state of Colorado.

As a Senior Frontend Engineer, you will join an innovative, forward-thinking team using a modern tech stack that is responsible for:

  • Developing clean, accessible, and modern web applications for the Namely platform (HRIS, Payroll, Benefits and more)
  • Building core libraries and components as part of our Design System
  • Utilizing technologies like React, GraphQL, Typescript, React Context and Hooks.
  • Continuously improving our tech stack
  • Ensuring personal and team career growth through high quality code reviews, cross-functional collaboration, strong teamwork and coaching.

Our Frontend team builds the extensible platform on which other teams can develop applications, ensures high quality architecture across the engineering organization, and defines the UX of Namely alongside Product and Design partners.

Desired Experience

We don’t believe years of professional work is the only measure of experience. We want to work with and learn from developers with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about what they do and are excited to dive into a challenging, high impact role.

Some traits we look for when considering candidates are:

  • Enthusiasm for establishing and promoting best practices to ensure our code is readable, reliable, and testable
  • Writing code that others use to write more code (e.g. open source or internal libraries)
  • An interest in ensuring that applications are valuable and accessible to all users
  • Being opinionated, yet open minded
  • Investment and interest in the Frontend community and ecosystem. Even if you haven’t used the latest tech, you are up to date on happenings in the community and are excited to try out new technologies at Namely.
  • Excitement to mentor team members, share knowledge, and learn from teammates.

Our Stack

We understand the importance of being excited about the technology you work with, so we’ve included our stack below.

You don’t have to be fluent or even well versed in all of it, but we want engineers who are excited to dive in and understand these tools and technologies:

  • Language: JavaScript, ESNext, TypeScript
  • Framework: React
  • State: Redux + Redux Thunk + Reselect, Formik, React Context
  • Data: Axios, GraphQL
  • Router: React Router
  • CSS: CSS Modules
  • Testing: Jest, React Testing Library, Chromatic, Cypress
  • Tooling: Webpack, Babel, PostCSS, Prettier
  • Linting: ESLint, Stylelint
  • Docs: Storybook

Ringraziamo tutti i candidati per l'interesse dimostrato nei confronti della nostra azienda, ma solamente i candidati selezionati saranno contattati.

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