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Undabot is a software development company situated in Zagreb, Croatia, specializing in the development of mobile and web applications. Undabot was founded in 2013 as an answer to a growing demand for high quality and professional software development services. Our focus is the development of top quality applications, through the close collaboration and open team-work with our clients. 

Helping companies to scale their business on mobile and web platforms and enabling users to enjoy their digital moments has always been our goal. Following platforms’ specifics and embracing our clients’ business strategy, we have developed some of Central Europe's leading apps for iOS and Android mobile platforms, as well as the complex web systems. 

We are a team of forward-thinking and solutions-driven professionals, specializing in custom-made software development. In Undabot, we create top-notch digital products with end-to-end coverage, we help our clients keep the pace with the current demands and prepare them for the future.

Il nostro team

Sasa Ignjatovic - member of Undabot company
Sasa Ignjatovic
Board Member
Hrvoje Kapetanovic - member of Undabot company
Hrvoje Kapetanovic
Marko Milos - member of Undabot company
Marko Milos

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Comprehensive customer support Self-Care mobile applications

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No matter how intelligent and self-sufficient technology becomes, there will always be a need for people to make it work. We are those people and that is the essence of our success.

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I servizi di Undabot

Market fit verification

Verifying ideas and prototypes on the real users through workshops with end users, prototyping with end users, testing with end users, testing.

Solution Design

Preparing the concept for development through functional & technical specification, use cases, user stories, acceptance criteria.

Web & Mobile Development

Creating the solution through developing frontend and backend applications, UI/UX design, Android and iOS applications.

Consulting services

Optimizing the solution as a response to continuous market changes through technology audit, app performance analysis, testing, functional and technical optimization.