Enterprise grade limitless development platform without the dev ops headaches


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platformOS allows for the building of customised ‘social commerce’ solutions - ‘Airbnb for X', ‘Uber for Y’, white-label Facebook-esque community portals and virtually ANY hosted business solution, with unlimited development and creative freedom for web, native mobile and IoT applications - and that can scale to enterprise level.

We work with brands like Intel, IKEA, Arab Bank, Hallmark, UiPath, Spark.co.nz, and many others, to build ‘market network’ solutions that underpin digital transformation in specific areas. 

As a ‘high productivity application development platform’ (thinks of Google Firebase + Heroku mashup but IIS agnostic), including a developer and web agency supported ‘ecosystem’, our enterprise clients and channel partners are building powerful, zero limits, API centric solutions - while platformOS provides multi-cloud devops infrastructure support “out of the box”. We pride ourselves in being highly performant, in contrast to many monolithic tech stacks.


platformOS developer quick demo - module marketplace

In this short demo, Adam shows how a blog can be deployed on platformOS in a few clicks.

Then, using the platformOS open source Product and Community Marketplace template, deploy code and import products using the pos-cli tool, all taking minutes (not weeks or months).

And you have full access to all the code.

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Maciej Krajowski - member of platformOS company
Maciej Krajowski
Adam Broadway - member of platformOS company
Adam Broadway
Foundner and CEO
Colin Frost - member of platformOS company
Colin Frost
Director of Sales
Clark Mak - member of platformOS company
Clark Mak

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platformOS offers an APIs for Everything System Devops in. box PaaS (specialised hosting) for front end developers to be able to build any solution faster that if done traditionally.  

Our Module Marketplace offers partners the ability to spin up advanced code widgets, and then to build out an ANY direction from that starting point.

We have been delivering multi sided marketplaces for over 8 years, and one such advanced code widget is a products + groups marketplace template which offers a great foundation.