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Quartier generale Prague, Czechia
Dipendenti 2-10 dipendenti
Settore Tecnologia
Sito web LIV

At LIV, we empower VR live streamers and content creators to share their gameplay with the world. 

Our mission is to enable creators to grow, and monetize their audience, in real-time.

Il nostro team

David Goodman - member of LIV company
David Goodman
C++ Engineer
AJ Shewki - member of LIV company
AJ Shewki
Steffan Donal - member of LIV company
Steffan Donal
Jaroslav Stehlik - member of LIV company
Jaroslav Stehlik
Unity Engineer

Un progetto di cui siamo molto orgogliosi:


The #1 VR content creation app


An SDK for game developers to integrate into their games

Web Engineer
Prague, Czechia | Orario & luogo di lavoro flessibili

Working closely with our CTO to build out our payment platform and web infrastructure for real-time audience participation

Data aggiunta: martedì 19 febbraio 2019
Candidati per il lavoro
Colloqui presso LIV
Difficoltà del colloquio
Durata del processo di selezione
circa una settimana
Fasi del processo di selezione
2 fase/i
Processo di selezione
  • Call with CEO 30%
  • Call with CTO (engineering due diligence) 50%
  • Meet with rest of the team 20%
Durata del processo di selezione
  • 45 minutes 30%
  • 90 minutes 50%
  • 30 minutes 20%

Retribuzione stimata da 3 e i precedenti e gli attuali annunci di lavoro presenti su Indeed negli ultimi 36 mesi

Ultimo aggiornamento: martedì 19 febbraio 2019

Information technology
  • Retribuzione media
  • Web Developer 1 retribuzioni riportate
    $60000 all'anno
  • Back End Developer 1 retribuzioni riportate
    $60000 all'anno
  • C++ developer 1 retribuzioni riportate
    $60000 all'anno
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Domande e risposte riguardo LIV

Cultura di LIV

We're a team of ultra nerds -- former competitive gamers, live streamers and game developers who are unapologetically passionate about providing best-in-class live streaming tools for the next generation of gaming content.

Our work ethic is 100% output driven. We don't care where you work, or how many hours you are "putting in". 

We care about taking ownership over our work, pouring our hearts and souls into the product, and connecting with our users in a way that traditional companies have failed to do so. 

We are community first, and are considered some of the most approachable folks in the VR industry. 

Clienti di LIV

We're used by the majority of Twitch and YouTube streamers. 

Our commercial clients have included AUDI, Adidas, Oculus (also an investor in LIV), Anduril (Palmer Luckeys company), Disney, VIVE and many more.

I servizi di LIV

Generally speaking we're available for consulting, filming and tech creation for specific use cases. 

Nowadays we try to steer away from doing services nowadays unless it's a really big project.