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Lanus provides custom development services from our offices in Belgrade, Serbia, with an extensive portfolio of solutions to solve the business problems of various multinational clients.

Why Belgrade?

Belgrade is an ideal city for a near-shore and off-shore development facility for a number of reasons. Most importantly Belgrade has an enormous amount of talented developers.

Belgrade is a capital of Serbia among the biggest cities in the South-Eastern Europe with around 2 million citizens and major transport hub in the region, the only one with direct flights to USA and to almost all major cities in Europe


Belgrade is in CET time zone, which enables overlapping between development teams during regular working hours, making daily communication efficient and hassle-free for all parties.

Un progetto di cui siamo molto orgogliosi:




Document Management

Tessitura Network

Arts & Cultural Technology


Fleet Management


Electronic distribution



Telecom Services



Passenger Info System


Transport Optimization

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Our talent, customer service philosophy, experience and advantageous rate structure combine to provide you with the highest possible value as a development partner. We care about our client success and work collaboratively with them to amazing results.

Our management philosophy, the work environment, family atmosphere and company benefits ensure a satisfied and happy workforce leading to low employee turnover.

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