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Our Mission

We built our software to give agencies the freedom to focus on their mission of improving people’s lives. Every day, we commit to being a true partner in helping agencies care for their communities — through good times and bad.

Our Story

Over 25 years ago, one of our founders was working as the IT Director of a large behavioral health and residential services agency in New York. Sensing a need for a better way to track and report on their services, he developed a case management system for his agency. Over time, two other agencies joined in and helped expand the software so that it could serve the needs of virtually any human services agency in the country.

Today, Foothold’s team and our software support hundreds of agencies across the nation, in Guam, and in Puerto Rico. With our technology expertise and roots in human services, we continue to empower agencies to focus on their missions.

Human Services Software

Our human services software is flexible and configurable, allowing you to manage data for programs across your agency. Our extensive partnerships and expertise throughout human services allow us to deliver a software tool that is configured to the needs of any agency.

Our software is designed to be powerful and easy-to-use for even the largest and most complex organizations, giving you time back for what matters most: caring for your community.

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