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We believe that a dream job is much easier to find if the physical location is not an obstacle. We launched Anomadic because we wanted to popularize and change the status quo of remote / flexible employment.

Finding a remote job or flexible job should be possible for every person on the planet at any given moment, and above all - it should be fast and easy.

In 2018, this was still a relatively new concept. However, remote jobs are the future of work and we want to partake in creating of this future. Anomadic platform does exactly this - it offers an environment where remote workers can interact with remote companies and fulfill their requirements. At the same time, remote companies can find the best employees for their teams, quickly and efficiently.

At Anomadic, we eat our own dog food. This means that everyone in the company is a remote worker. Our team operates completely remotely. Yes, we have offices, but unless we really need to be there for something specific, we’re not using them. We were born free and free we will work and live!

Flexible and Remote Jobs: The New Way

The way we do work is changing. According to latest research, at least 70% of employed people worldwide work remotely in some form.

However, it’s not all ideal. Candidates have a hard time finding reliable remote employers. On the other hand, companies don’t have a place to search for top global talent.

This is why we created the Anomadic Platform, the turnkey solution to finding the best remote employees across the globe.

We hope that by connecting reputable companies and talented employees, we do a small part to making remote the future of work.

Are you ready to join us on our journey?

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The right to work is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is recognized in international human rights law, where the right to work emphasizes economic, social and cultural development.

However, in every country, people are having issues finding a job they like in their community. Be it because of the lack of demand or they just want to have a different lifestyle - live out of the big cities or to have a different work schedule - it doesn't matter. The fact is that they don't have other options but to settle with something less satisfying.

That's exactly where we want to jump in!

We want to help those people find a job they love and to provide for their families by doing something that fulfills them and that earns them a living wage. They should be able to work remotely or at least to have the ability to choose a time schedule they prefer. That is - to have a better work-life balance.

On the other hand, companies are also having obstacles while finding top talent for their teams. Sometimes they cannot find suitable people close to their headquarters. As business cannot wait, often we’re forced to hire unsuitable candidates just because they live nearby and there’s no one better for the position at the moment.

Here we can also help. We want to provide companies with a talent pool, a database of people from all over the world, where they can find the best remote employees for open positions they have at a given moment. With modern technologies, geography should not be an obstacle for business!

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A fast-changing business world requires fast, intelligent solutions in order to keep up with modern trends. This is especially important when it comes to employment challenges.

Nowadays, companies struggle more than ever to find quality, loyal workers. The global market became local a long time ago and the world economy has significantly changed.

The workforce has a lot more choices at its disposal, due to the astonishing development of internet technologies. This puts companies in a position to search for employees not just locally but worldwide.

Everyone who has a computer and internet connection could be a candidate for a job. This is called remote employment and these jobs are called remote and flexible jobs / online jobs. This is the future that has already started.