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Headquarters Centennial, United States
Employees 11-50 employees
Industry Financial Services
Website BillingPlatform

BillingPlatform is the industry's most flexible, high-volume, cloud-based billing platform; able to rate any combination of metered, subscription and ad-hoc services while managing customers, products and rate plans. We make it easy to quickly and accurately implement any pricing and rating model and roll out new products and services so our customers can rapidly turn ideas into cash.

We don't pretend to know the best way to rate your products or charge your customers, today or in the future -- we simply provide a highly flexible and scalable platform that lets you bill, rate and price any way you need to, RIGHT NOW, without any investment in hardware, software or IT resources.

Sales Engineer
Centennial, United States | Full remote

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Date added: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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BillingPlatform's services

BillingPlatform’s enterprise billing system provides a comprehensive suite of features for companies in every industry across the globe.

Our billing system gives you the power to design dynamic product offerings, monetize your end-to-end process, integrate with critical applications, streamline communications, gain valuable business intelligence, and design the model and business logic that fully supports your needs.